Monday, September 21, 2020


 9-21-20 7:35 am


UPDATE- Instagram has now banned my account and just wanted to give the update. I was warned by them yesterday that they did this to ‘Protect our community’- I appealed and thought it was fixed- so I just uploaded and shared a video- and it told me it was ‘sent’- then I checked- and it was not sent [We call this shadow banning]. So obviously I can’ trust the site. My facebook videos seemed to work. They are both the same company. I was hesitant to use either of them again on a regular basis. Some of you might not be aware that in the last month alone Facebook banned over 100,000 sites [Yes- one hundred thousand]. Most of these were Conservative sites- some were Christian. [I read the article from a reputable source]. That’s why you see me on all the other sites.



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