Wednesday, April 22, 2020

CCPD cop runs fake Facebook profile that harasses homeless [Text]

CCPD cop fake Facebook profile that harasses the homeless [Post and videos just made]

My Videos-

I talk about the ongoing problem with the vigilante group ‘Taking back the Bluff’.
Today I went to the Facebook profile of one of the administrators and the profile is obviously fake.
Here’s the link-

The problem is it sure seems that the fake profile belongs to a CCPD officer.

I noticed that the harassment from the group picked up- after I made the first post [Linked below]
And as I went to the mission today a friend told me they tried to run him over last night.

Now- I cannot ‘prove’ the fake site is run by a cop- but it sure seems that way [Look at the CCPD photos on the profile].

The other disturbing thing is the profile is obviously fake- jokes about UFO’s and ‘reverse engineering’ Ok- I get it.

But we are dealing with real crisis in the world right now- and the group is also violating the law.
For Facebook to allow a ‘bullshit site’ to run freely- and crack jokes at this time is a disgrace.

And the high probability that the administrator is a cop- is an absolute disgrace!

The reason I have to make more than 1 video is because these videos- and posts get targeted.


Here’s the original post-

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