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Corruption crisis in Corpus Christi


.Judge Manuel Banales
.’We have warned you John- do not be in public’! CCPD to me- CCPD has also spread a rumor that I carry a gun- and am dangerous -are they documenting a record- just in case they need to act?
.The Race

Here’s a brief report from El-defensor- whole article below-

Jul 4, 2009 - The Picture of Manuel Banales Almost Says"Maximum Sentences For Those ... has feared a sentencing by state District Judge Manuel Bañales, who's known for ... open his own Corpus Christi law firm, earn an estimated $10 million mostly in .... is a corrupt judge who crippled two men and buys prostitutes.

Criminal history of judge Manuel Banales- https://youtu.be/p8d6W4fufvo 
.I read reports that he has been picked up for the solicitation of prostitutes
.And reports that he ran his car into a homeless man by city hall [past record]

Scene of the crime- https://youtu.be/_56iLOYum9c 
.I did not connect the dots when I made this video- if you watch the last video- the dots are connected

.CCPD spreads false rumors
.Dangerous ones at that
.Judge Manuel Banales- are the reports true that you solicited prostitutes?

I think we solved the riddle [previously titled ‘sex with kids is wrong!’]- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_eEuTZunQg 
.Children of God [cult]
.David Moses Berg
.Ricky Hernandez- victim of child sex cult [Maybe Rodriguez?]
.He made a video years later- killed the woman involved- and killed himself
.Jesus movement of the 70’s
.Kieth Green
.Judge Sandra Watts- and Judge Missy Medary just honored Judge Manuel Banales as a great man of integrity
.They have publicly stated they truly respect his values and life
.Whats wrong with this picture?
.Why would they do this- knowing the history?

 Final thoughts below-

As I drove the possible ramps where judge Banales drove his car off the road- I finally got to the one where it happened. I actually stated on the video I had to drive down Leopard street- to access the ramp. I don’t like driving Leopard- because it is known as the ‘Red light district’ here in Corpus- and a lot of cops patrol this street. I was actually surprised it was this ramp that the judge wiped out on.
I figured it was the other ramp heading out of town- where maybe because you were in a hurry leaving town- yeah- you might speed.
But as I ‘investigated’ this case- I realized it was the ramp- going back into the courthouse area.
Anyway- after this video [Scene of the crime] I took a ride up towards San Antonio.
On the way back- I was thinking of a cult I studied in the past- because it too involved sex with children [Like patriot dad believes is happening with the judges and officials in Nueces county].
Sure enough- right when I got to the ramp coming into town- on the other side of where the crash happened- I remembered the name- [Ricky Hernandez] and stopped and made the last video [I think I solved the riddle].
As I made the video- on the side of the ramp coming back- I realized the judge- like my earlier drive- was probably exiting Leopard street at a very high rate of speed- which seems strange.
Earlier today- while simply googling Judge Banales name- to find the exact site of the wreck- I saw another report that he was once stopped for soliciting prostitutes.
Then I realized- why was the judge going so fast- was he possibly caught again- and evading the scene?
Which of course is a felony.
 Was there an undercover sting operation- and did the judge panic- thinking he was caught again?
I can think of no other reason why you would be speeding like that- out of control- unless you were fleeing the scene of a crime.
Of course the cop would have gotten his license number- and then maybe that's when the wheels started turning- working within the system to simply cover up 2 crimes.
One being the crash itself- and the other being caught in a prostitution sting- again.
Either way- what the judge did- in the car crash- was indeed a serious crime.

As I was simply googling Manuel Banales- to find the location of the car wreck- I came across multiple reports that claim judge Banales had been picked up for soliciting prostitutes- had a history of running into a homeless man by city hall- and how in these cases- because of corruption- he escaped justice. Some reports said he appeared before judges- who he actually hired their family members for jobs.
If all the reports are true- the corruption is even worse then I believed. Then I saw links where Judge Sandra Watts praises him for his integrity- Missy Medary honors him 5 days ago.
All of this is absolutely unbelievable.
The rabbit hole goes deeper than even I thought.

Final thoughts- https://youtu.be/wsxfxta_D9U 

LAST NOTE- As I read the articles- I got mad. I got mad because if it is all true- then it shows a corruption in this county that is even worse then I thought.
I also read comments that were wanting the destruction of the judge.
If these allegations are true- the judge obviously should not be a judge.
There are no past reports that say he engaged with underage kids- which others think might be happening in the system here [Patriot dad].
But if the prostitution charge is true- yes- it’s a crime.
Should Manuel Banales be destroyed over it?
No- he should be restored- not destroyed.
But I read other Hispanics who are mad- they are mad because they believe Banales went after them- unfairly.
They are mad because- if the allegations are true- he should not be a judge- never mind going after others with a vengeance.
The best advice for the judge is this-
There is forgiveness with God- there is mercy.
I usually do not spend this much time- dealing with these issues.
In reality- as those who watch the videos can see- it drains me down.
So- if true- simply ask God for forgiveness.
If you struggle with sin- as we all do- then God forgives.
I attend the Catholic Cathedral here in Corpus Christi- I think I read in one of the posts that you attend as well.
If so- I would be glad to see you there- as a fellow believer in Christ.
Not a Mexican brother- or a Gringo brother- or a Black brother-
No- the kingdom does not have these boundaries.
No- I would be happy to see you as a fellow Christian.
And in the end- I hope the right thing is done.
May God bless your soul.


These were copied from other reports- I added the links to yesterdays post-






Today Maximum Manuel is again trying to slither his way out of yet anothe crime. As we have reported before it is not the first time Banales has been protected. He reportedly failed to control speed while exiting off 37 and hit a young man (34) and knocked he and the vehicle 50 feet. Banales had previously hit a homeless person according to police sources and he refused to exit the vehicle a few years ago, was rumored to have been under the influence of alcohol, called Carlos Valdez to come and rescue him and no charges were filed against him and the homeless man received a civil settlement. In another arrest Banales was reported to have solicited a prostitute and was handcuffed but later released.

Now in the most outrageous coverup the mainstream media was showing him in neckbrace, minimizing the poor young man's serious injury, in fact which may lead to death.

Banales has had a questionable past including representing Biker's on drug charges. Reportedly after getting them off he was given women as presents. Unbelievable. He lost judge elections 3 times and was about to be run out of town until his controller DARREL BARGER a defense attorney who employs all of his children and who has told many an attorney that he controls judge Banales and reportedly Banales pushes all cases aside when this man enters the courtroom. Now he has hit a young man, exiting at a high rate of speed and hit the car and knocked it 50 feet. Can you imagine the high rate of speed that Maximum Manuel Banales was doing? Reportedly, one of the workers had time to move out of the way and the other one didn't have a chance. The media is already circling the wagons and even SHERIFF KAELIN is on message to want people to feel sorry for this man.

How many hispanics have been victim to his maximum treatment and sentencing after he has broken the law now at least 3 times and gotten away with it? The Defenzor consulted with an accident reconstructionist and that expert believes that the look of the vehicles and the high rate of speed well over 50mph that pushed the truck over 50 feet is very suspicious. If they do not charge him with excessive speed, failure to control vehicle and negligent homicide if the boy dies is an injustice and a coverup.


Banales is the administrative judge in control of many courts and appointed by Perry (one of the few Democrats, but he also has licked the boots of the King Ranch and Armstrongs for so long (see the Fernandez battle for legitimizing the doctor as the heir of Miflin Kenedy) that he shut down with his good friends Jorge Rangel and Tony Canales. Now Judge Maximum Banales has hit and seriously hurt and possibly murdered a young man and TxDot employee. Justice must finally be served. But, unfortunately, and predictably the Defenzor predicts that the powers that be here will cover and coddle Banales once again. 1) Homeless man seriously hurt 2) hooker solicited 3) and now a reckless driver.

With his fancy Cadillac where is the blackbox on the Cadillac? It can calculate how fast he was going! He was traveling at a high rate of speed, there is no doubt by the look of both vehicles. He was driving reckless and if the boy dies it is a homicide according to one local criminal attorney who wishes to remain nameless and also who corroborated that Darrel Barger bragged about controlling and having influence over Banales.

INDICT BANALES! He is not the victim! The poor man who was working needs to be heard! Where is DPS investigating? This is not his first accident? Where is the D.A. investigation? DO NOT LET A COVERUP OCCUR. THE DEFENZOR feels for the family of the poor man. How dare the mainstream media make Banales the victim here when he caused an accident and was careless and has hurt an innocent man!



Banales car struck man in 1990 accident

Corpus Chisti Caller-Times By Jaime Powell
CORPUS CHRISTI - Eighteen years ago, a gold Chrysler Fifth Avenue driven by District Judge J. Manuel Banales struck a Robstown man with mental disabilities who was crossing the street near Corpus Christi City Hall.
Banales was not ticketed for the incident and the pedestrian, Francisco "Frank" Pena, then 31, was found at fault. He was taken to Memorial Medical Center with cuts, scrapes and a broken leg.
Banales and his lawyer, Ron Barroso, did not return phone calls last Thursday.
The Caller-Times filed a public records request with the Corpus Christi Police Department on June 9 seeking a police accident report and other documents related to the incident.
The police department wasn't able to fill the request because, under department guidelines, traffic accident reports are purged after two years, according to police.
An Aug. 20, 1990 police report obtained by the Caller- Times through other means Thursday afternoon and verified by Mayor Henry Garrett, who was police chief at the time, shows that Banales was traveling west on Leopard Street at 7:20 p.m. when Pena crossed the street, without the benefit of a crosswalk.
The report says Banales braked and swerved.
"This is an accident report that we generated at the police department at the time," Garrett said. "It's the real thing. It looks like the pedestrian was crossing at the middle of the block. To look at this diagram, I wouldn't see that a ticket would have been issued. By the diagram and what's in the report, the violation was the pedestrian."
Pena's father, Ramon Pena, 74, gave a different version of events Thursday morning. He was not there to witness the collision but talked to witnesses shortly after.
Frank Pena was waiting for a bus at the corner of Leopard and Staples when he decided to cross the street to a convenience store to get a soda, his father said.
"He looked both ways and here came the judge," Ramon Pena said.
City Councilman Mike Hummell, an attorney, who was serving as the assigned prosecutor in Banales' court at the time of the accident, went to the scene shortly after it happened.
He could not remember if Banales had called him or if he happened upon the accident on his way home.
"The only thing I recall is the guy had a Big Red," Hummell said. "When I got there, there was Big Red all over the car and at first glance it was a scary thing. Looking closer it was just a soft drink."
Ramon Pena said he had difficulty finding a lawyer to take his son's case. "I saw a lawyer every day on TV, Mike Butler. At first he refused to take the case but then he decided to."
Mike Butler, who now practices in San Antonio, did not return repeated phone calls this week.
But Jeffrey DeVillez, who was an investigator and insurance negotiator for Butler's law practice at the time, remembered the 1990 accident.
"They were accusing the kid and the kid's family was accusing Banales, saying that he was not watching," DeVillez said. "He was a judge and the kid was (disabled). They couldn't put the kid on trial. They wanted to avoid that at all costs. So we asked for the total amount of the policy and said let's move on."
Ramon Pena said Banales had a $100,000 insurance policy. Lawyer's fees and hospital bills carved Frank Pena's share down to a little more than $47,000, Ramon Pena said.
"Frank, he's still limping today and he got a rod in his leg," Ramon Pena said. Note: This story was originally published June 13, 2008.
Quote:CORPUS CHRISTI — District Judge J. Manuel Bañales will receive a traffic ticket but no criminal charges are being considered in his June 5 collision with a highway department worker, a police captain said Friday.

The judge's Cadillac DeVille was traveling 71 mph six seconds before the collision, according to information downloaded Friday from an electronic information storage device in the car known as a "black box," police Capt. Mike McKinney said. Black boxes are standard on recent-model cars.

The collision occurred on a curve where the posted recommended speed is 40 mph, but the legal limit is 65 mph, McKinney said. The recommended speeds on curves such as the accident site are on yellow advisory signs posted by the Texas Department of Transportation to increase safety, but are not enforceable, McKinney said.

The offense in the citation will be failure to maintain a single lane of travel, a Class C misdemeanor issued when a driver weaves or veers off the road, McKinney said. The offense won't be speeding; the car was traveling 6 mph over the speed limit and the police department normally doesn't cite for that amount at freeway speeds, he said. McKinney said the ticket likely will be issued Monday.

The accident occurred about 2:45 p.m. June 5 as Bañales entered the ramp connecting South Padre Island Drive to southbound Interstate 37. Police said his car slid off the pavement and struck Martin Garcia, 34, who remains in serious condition at Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial's intensive care unit. Bañales' car also hit a pole and a transportation truck near Garcia, a Texas Department of Transportation employee.
I know what I'm doing if I'm a lawyer and I ever have a case in front of him...
Knew that was coming.
davisgary 87
Teflon, bullet-proof, hispanic politicos and power -brokers in this town who think they are above the law make me sick....and they are everywhere.
I'm enraged by this, but I live in MS and we have our own problems. Did live in CC for 12 years though, before in was consumed by our friends from the south.

Peter Gibbons
A 34-year-old transportation department worker critically injured after a car driven by District Judge J. Manuel Bañales slid off the pavement and hit him was taken to an Austin hospital Wednesday for further surgery.

Martin Garcia was crouched next to a Texas Department of Transportation heavy-duty pickup parked near a ramp connecting Padre Island Drive to southbound Interstate 37 when he was struck June 5.

Garcia was hospitalized at Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial until Wednesday, when he was taken to Brackenridge Hospital in Austin for surgery related to pelvic injuries, highway department spokesman Cliff Bost said. Garcia arrived at the Austin facility Wednesday afternoon.

Friday, Houston attorney Richard Mithoff, who is representing Garcia and his family, said Garcia's once critical condition had improved and that doctors were further stabilizing him before moving him to another facility for advanced surgery related to "multiple and serious pelvic fractures."

Mithoff said Friday that Garcia was off of a ventilator and conscious but not alert. Garcia also suffered an injured left knee and lower leg, punctured intestines and fluid buildup in his lungs, Mithoff said.

Bañales received a traffic ticket for "unsafe change from a direct course," a Class C misdemeanor citation related to the accident, police said.
Mithoff is a bad@ss mofo. One of his associates is an Aggie. Glad the family went outside of C-town for a lawyer.

Word to my peeps on the southside.
That ramp is a hazard because nobody drives the posted speed and there is always gravel lying around. So if you have to slow down suddenly you have a problem. 

As for charging Banales with something more serious, ask yourself if you would want them to charge somebody who was not a judge with aggravated assault for driving in the same fashion that everybody else does. The choice in charges is either the class c misdemeanor or a third degree felony. There may be a wreckless driving charge somewhere in between.

But if you go out there and watch the traffic, everybody goes through there too fast to stop if something pops up.

The best way to handle it is to charge him with the traffic offense and let them work it out as a civil matter, which is the only way the guy who got hurt will benefit anyway.

And I will second the bit about the Houston lawyer. He is very good.
I drove past that accident pretty soon after it happened (the cops had just arrived). The cars were just clumps of metal and I thought for sure everyone involved was dead. This makes me so angry!!!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009



The Picture of Manuel Banales Almost Says"Maximum Sentences For Those That Can't Afford to Buy Me, but For Those Who Can, the Jails are Overcrowded""
Below is the article by San Antonio reporter John MacCormack who also has followed the Celis story since 2007. Apparently Banales has been bought and paid for by the Celis Camp and not just Darrell Barger who appeared in front of him on hundreds of cases while his children worked for Barger and never disclosed that to the other attorneys.

Can Tina Trevino or Angelica Hernandez or a host of other strong Latina Candidates finally expose Banales for what he is and his reign of terror over lawyers and people who couldn't afford to influence him who faced stiff sentences?. Maximum Manuel indicated that the jails were too overcrowded for Celis but yet he placed many in jail for much more minor offenses. The hypocrisy runs deep and his political days may be short.

By John MacCormack - Express-News
CORPUS CHRISTI Over the past two decades, many a South Texas defendant has feared a sentencing by state District Judge Manuel Bañales, who's known for meting out harsh and creative punishments.
In 1993, the judge made headlines by sentencing a first-offense drug smuggler caught with 54 pounds of marijuana to 54 years in prison. The conviction later was overturned and the man went free.
Eight years later, Banalesales again made national news by ordering sex offenders in Nueces County to place signs describing their offenses in front of their homes and on their cars.
Other offenders have been ordered to serve lengthy jail sentences in small installments, year after year, during the Christmas holidays.
He'sa no-nonsense judge who is very severe in sentencing. Very harsh,said Albert Pena III, a veteran criminal defense lawyer.
Thus, when Banales appeared to show leniency this spring after stepping into a high-profile case involving the state's most prominent fake lawyer, Mauricio Celis, the natural legal order shuddered.
That's not the Judge Banales I've known all these years. It's a different one. Maybe he's mellowing, said Pena, one of the few willing to speak on the record.
Banales' deepening role in the case has triggered a public showdown with prosecutor Carlos Valdez. The longtime Nueces County district attorney wants Banalesoff the case, claiming he hasn't been impartial.
I'm doing something that has not been done before. And when you take on a judge publicly, there may be consequences later, Valdez said.
Impersonating a lawyer
The improbable figure at the center of it all is Celis, a man who overcame his modest origins to open his own Corpus Christi law firm, earn an estimated $10 million mostly in case referral fees from lawyers and play the role of high-dollar rainmaker in Democratic political circles.
He did it all with brains and chutzpah, without even being a lawyer.
After he was denounced as a fraud two years ago, Celis added a colorful subplot to the story by chasing down a nude woman, who had fled his hot tub, while flashing a police badge and clad only in a bath robe.
As the criminal charges and civil suits piled up, Celis insisted he had a law degree from Mexico, dropping that claim only after being convicted of 14 felony counts of impersonating a lawyer.
The trial was heard by visiting Judge Mark Luitjen who was appointed by Bañales.
However, in May, just before the Celis sentencing, Banales removed Luitjen on a recusal motion.
The defense also asked for a new trial, claiming in both motions that Luitjen had been unfair.
As proof, seven jurors testified that he showed bias against Celis, and Banales took over the case.
But where Luitjen had outlined a sentence of a year in jail, probation and restitution of more than $1 million, Banales gave Celis 10 years' probation and reduced restitution to proven claims by victims.
It was almost identical to what the jury had recommended for Celis, who faces at least three more trials on related charges.
Assumingthat what Mr. Valdez says is true, that this defendant is a con artist of the greatest magnitude, that in and of itself does not warrant incarceration,Banalessaid at sentencing, noting the offenses did not involve violence or injury, and that local jails were crowded.
To some local lawyers, it didn't add up, but because Banales' reputation for harshness extends to his critics, few would speak on the record.
This was not business as usual. I think he did the guy (Celis) a favor. If this had been Joe Blow off the streets, he'd be doing his year in jail, one veteran defense lawyer said.
Said another lawyer, Banales is a stinker all the way around. Maybe Luitjen rolled his eyes a little bit, but that's never been grounds for recusal.
But not everyone thinks the sentence of probation was out of line.
Mauricio Celis isn't going to harm anyone, said James Granberry, who has practiced before Banales
I didn't get a lot of heartburn about him not going to jail. Those beds are for people who keep me awake night, prying in my windows, he said.
The nuclear option
While online conspiracy theorists in Corpus Christi speculated wildly this spring about dirty deals in the Celis case, Valdez activated what he called “the nuclear option.
Days before a June 26 hearing on a new trial for Celis, he filed a motion to remove Bañales, claiming his impartiality was suspect.
“Judge Banales came in and undid everything that Judge Luitjen had done. And if he grants the motion for a new trial, we're back to Square 1,he said.
In his motion, Valdez outlined the judge's financial and social links with various defense lawyers who have an interest in the Celis case, foremost Tony Canales, the lead defense lawyer.
The things we have raised went on outside the courtcampaign contributions, socializing with the judge, and the possibility that Judge Banales is in line for a federal judgeship and that Tony Canales would be the perfect conduit to help him,Valdez said.
A man of expansive ego and ambition, Bañales lost out on a bid in 1993 to become a federal judge in Corpus Christi. Rumors floating around town have him as possible replacement for U.S. District Judge Hayden Head Jr. who is expected to step down in October.
Because Canales is a member of a state judicial selection committee and a reputed kingmaker, he is well positioned to help Banales, according to Valdez.
“And if he thinks Tony can get him in, Tony is in the perfect place to get what he wants from the judge. It just doesn't look right,said.
Canales and Banales declined to be interviewed for this article.
In their response to the recusal motion, Celis' lawyers say it was filed too late, that taking campaign contributions from lawyers isn't grounds for recusal, and neither are the judge's social ties.
The real bloodshed might lie ahead, because last week Banales declined to step down.
“The state presents no legal basis upon which I should recuse myself, he wrote.
This throws the recusal issue to Chief Supreme Court Justice Wallace Jefferson, who either will hear the issue himself or assign another judge.
In a full-blown hearing, reputations are likely to be harmed.
According to District Judge John Hyde of Midland, a recognized authority on recusals, several aspects of the legal drama playing out in Corpus Christi are noteworthy.
“I don't think I've ever seen a case where a recusal occurred at the end of a trial,†he said, after reviewing some pleadings. Normally, he said, appellate courts are the remedy for alleged trial bias.
“The fact that the motion for a new trial is almost a mirror image of the recusal motion indicates those are matters for an appellate ruling, he said.
He said it's not customary for an administrative judge who grants a recusal to then assign himself the case. He also found the issues of outside influence raised by Valdez unsettling. On the whole, the entire case is not helping the image of the judiciary, Hyde said.
Posted by HOMERO VILLARREAL at 8:47 AM 


Anonymous said...
Put it simply, Banales is the biggest arrogant prick that has ever come out of South Texas. He needs to go down for the true asshole that he is and he needs to be disgraced so that all people remember is a corrupt judge who crippled two men and buys prostitutes.
Anonymous said...
Finally, Banales is exposed nationally for being the most corrupt and hypocritical judge there is. People when will we all stand up and get him out like we did his lamebrain wife? How many men does he have to cripple? How many prostitutes does he have to get caught with? How many shady deals with lawyers must he make? Time to stop corruption in this town. From Caserunning to corrupt judges it is all coming down.

He also runs the most inefficient court around. People we MUST GET HIM OUT!!! SOMEONE RUN AGAINST HIM THAT CAN WIN!! A strong young lawyer who is honest! Come on. Save us!!!



Jul 4, 2009 - The Picture of Manuel Banales Almost Says"Maximum Sentences For Those ... has feared a sentencing by state District Judge Manuel Bañales, who's known for ... open his own Corpus Christi law firm, earn an estimated $10 million mostly in .... is a corrupt judge who crippled two men and buys prostitutes.

Judge Tom Greenwell, Just What Would Cause Suicide?

There are some very disturbing indicators in the investigation of the suicide of Judge Tom Greenwell. The public has a right to know what has transpired.
Could Judge Tom Greenwell be involved in child abuse? Maybe even child molestation or child porn? Could this be a judge who used his office to abuse under age boys, just as in nearby Victoria County Sheriff Mike Ratcliff did for nearly a decade in Victoria with support from the former D.A., George Filley, an old schoolmate of mine gone bad. Mike Ratcliff had even been a former insurance client of mine.   Wouldn’t the corruption and environment of mutual cover-up by judges in the Nueces County Courthouse have encouraged these issues in Judge Greenwell’s life that caused him to commit suicide, no matter what the reasons were.   Was the rampant corruption in the Nueces Courthouse an invitation to excess?
The Nueces County Sheriff stated there were two people of interest then cuts off all information.   The judges in the area, en masse, did show up at Greenwell’s memorial service, in their robes.   The services were on Thursday, July 25, 2013.     It could be out of respect of a fellow judge or, it could be a circling of the wagons.  My 20 years of experience provides insight that it is more likely a ‘Circling of the Wagons’.
In the last known poll on a national basis of trial attorneys, Corpus Christi area was voted second most judicially corrupt area in the U.S..  This is right after Janet Reno’s Dade County and just a little worse than Obama’s Chicago.   The commonality among all of these is than none of the judges in those areas will take a stand to address and remove their corrupt cronies.   That makes all of them bad, just like one bad and murderous cop being tolerated in a police department, makes the whole department just as bad.   I believe the rampant corruption in the Nueces County Courthouse, in the middle of downtown Corpus Christi, can point the way to some of the reasons for Judge Greenwell’s demise.
Let me lay out the public information that has been made to date on the Greenwell suicide, and some of the speculation that experience in the Nueces County Courthouse justifies.
First is a 2004 article in the Corpus Christi Caller times discussing sex offenses that went to trial in 2003 “and the 58% overall conviction rate.  Judge Greenwell heard 7 AND HAD NO CONVICTIONS OF ANY IN HIS COURT:
“Judge Tom Greenwell of the 319th District Court did not see a single conviction in seven sexual abuse trials in his court in 2003.
But the lawyers are not to blame, he said.
“Before they come to the courthouse, these cases should be investigated better,” Greenwell said. “A number of these cases are not winnable cases. There’s too much doubt, too many loose ends.”
Who could be to blame for that failure?   The statistics for not getting a single conviction are not good.   I have been spent a good bit of time in courtrooms over the past two decades.   A crafty judge can greatly influence by whose objections he sustains or overrules, as just one of the many tools of manipulation.
Judge Greenwell was heavily in debt. His much younger life partner was in periodic trouble with the law. His partner was arrested at least once. It is rumored that there were several times the judge’s partner would have gone to jail were it not for the judge’s influence. Only a few years back, Judge Greenwell stated that his live in partner,  Mr. Albert Fuentez, was like a SON to the judge.  The age disparity is that great between the judge and his house partner.
The family of Judge Greenwell’s partner has stated Greenwell had been diagnosed with cancer.   If that is true, why wouldn’t that be a part of the public statements of the Sheriff and other officials investigating the judge’s suicide?  Wouldn’t that be a great excuse to deflect questioning of the situation such as is being done here?
For comparison of the current systems that are coming into play of the cover-up of other local pedophile officials:  The judge, Texas District Judge Robert Cheshire, in my original divorce openly stated he partied with and was a good friend of Sheriff Mike Ratcliff and the Victoria City Attorney. This judge, Robert Cheshire, is the one who gave my child to her mother who testified the molestation of our two year old child by a serial molester of at least 4 other little girls was ‘humorous’ and ‘appropriate’. The judge gave me visitation over half my child’s time, but gave all authority and custody to the mother, who had moved in with our daughter’s convicted molester. I was given most of my child’s time to ‘protect’ her, but my ex was given all authority and denied my child protective access to me.   During this same period,  unknown to the public, young males were complaining and being ignored by the D.A. that Sheriff Ratcliff was molesting them.
Here is a bit more about Michael Ratcliff that puts the handling of the Judge Tom Greenwell Suicide into more focus:
The Victoria Advocate article in the link above even addresses the very real need of the public to be fully aware of the various issues of corruption, criminality, and even just poor lifestyle choices.
Let us go through the data already provided; the several most likely possibilities for Judge Greenwell’s suicide, and the commonalities upon which circumstantial evidence can be built.
Sheriff Ratcliff, when finally exposed by the Texas Rangers, had support from the City Attorney, Police Chief, and a Police Lieutenant who all reportedly threatened the lives of the witnesses if they testified. There was an informational black-out. Mike Ratcliff was allowed to plea bargain for something other than the egregious sexual offenses he committed and was sentenced to a two year prison sentence, in his own home. We see a repeat of this wall of silence and the public’s need to know in Greenwell’s suicide.
Both deceased Judge Greenwell and former Sheriff Ratcliff fit the second greatest commonality of sex offenders and child molesters, they are homosexual.   Ratcliff was bisexual which is just a subset of homosexual.   The CDC terms male homosexuals as MSMs (Males having SEX with Males) and determines an individual for medical tracking purposes is MSM if they have had a voluntary same sex experience within the past 5 years.
The greatest single commonality of both homosexuals and of sex offenders is that they were raised in a single mother home.    I am unaware of whether Mike Ratcliff or Tom Greenwell were raised in single mother homes.
Of course, both  of these commonalities are taboo to discuss in polite society and very definitely not part of any discussion our very liberal media will allow.  The discussions are aimed at continuing to claim the Emperor’s new suit of clothes is lovely, even though the naked truth is there for everyone to see.  With the homosexual agenda and feminism, there is to be no dialogue, only the monologue from the most extreme activists of those two sister groups.
The molester of my two year old child was both raised in a single mother home and bisexual.  That was no coincidence, he fit the two greatest commonalities of sex offenders and child molesters.   It would have been unique had the molester NOT fit into both of those two categories.    In Victoria County, that molester, even though he had multiples of convictions was given only ‘deferred adjudication’ upon conviction of all the molestations in Victoria County.   He was also given deferred adjudication for his convictions in McKinney, Colin County, Texas.   It is believed he may have been one of Sheriff Ratcliff’s underage male “partners” who receive special protections in Victoria, Texas.  He molested at least two other girls for which he was adjudicated with no incarceration over the two years following his molestation of my child.
In the instance of Judge Greenwell, The Sheriff of Nueces County has stated he will not provide further information at this time, 7/22/2013, on the apparent suicide of Judge Tom Greenwell. People in the courthouse have gone silent. It is reminiscent of what happened when Mike Ratcliff was indicted for pedophilia for using the county hospital cell as his playroom with under-aged males. Mike also would lure young males out of their homes claiming to be women wanting sex and with the power of his badge and gun, force himself on these young boys.  A juvenile probation officer for the molester of my child claimed Mike would spend long hours alone, behind closed doors with boys in the lock-down juvenile facility at the Victoria Airport Industrial Park.  The officer was very distraught at what he believed was happening to those boys with Mike and none of the local officials would act or investigate.
Mike was promising the boys he would get them preferred consideration on their offenses with the D.A. and that he, Mike Ratcliff, would pay for their legal defense if needed.
What is being kept from the public in Judge Greenwell’s suicide?
The Ratcliff story, in relation to the known facts on Judge Greenwell  makes one wonder  about  the judge’s young male live-in partner, Mr. Albert Fuentes, who was so much younger than the judge that he called the young man, his son.   So we now have another very important and telling piece of the puzzle as to why Greenwell may have killed himself, and it is tied to another commonality among the homosexual community the media does not want to discuss, the propensity of a very large percentage of homosexuals to openly state a desire to have sex with very young males, under age males.
Judge Greenwell lived in a modest home and drove a modest car, though his partner had a nice SUV. The judge had a $140,000 salary from the State and additional money, supposedly from the county. His life style was well below his income, yet Judge Greenwell was heavily in debt. The local Sheriff’s office and media have stated there may have been extortion involved. If so, if it were debt or drugs the Bar and Judiciary would protect and cover for him. If it were his homosexual relationship, it would be very unlikely in today’s climate his support would even experience a hiccup.  It might even improve his electability.  This was not a hidden fact. How could this be used for black mail or extortion?   It couldn’t.
So we come to the speculative aspect of what would cause a powerful, known homosexual state official, arguably more powerful than the governor, to pay blackmail and then to kill himself? The information held by an extortionist must have been very real and very well documented against the judge
If it were drugs, both the bar and the Texas Judicial Conduct Commission allow attorneys and judges to keep their licenses and positions if they attend their treatment programs, whether or not they manage to kick their habit. Both institutions have periodically had advertisements on their front pages for drug and alcohol treatment programs to keep them from damaging their careers. No one cares about addicts and drunks on the bench any longer.
It is very common for judges to be deep in debt and there are many gray areas where judges can obtain large sums of money and have all of officialdom  turn a blind eye on acts that would have Joe or Jane Citizen in the lockup for decades. Just look at Judge Bobby Galvan’s home in the ‘millionaire only’ section of Ocean Drive with the massive water front homes on the seawall as an example of unexplained wealth of a former Federal Drug Prosecutor and now a local Judge and his wife who had been a prosecutor and only middle income attorney.
Judge Greenwell interjected himself into some very sticky and smelly corruption tar.    He worked to help retaliate against a local attorney for exposing Judge William Adams and Judge Bobby Galvan.
Judge Galvan was accused by a young boy of trying to force the child to make false allegations of sexual abuse against his mother, Jennifer Flores-Lamb and her attorney, David Sibley. This effort to falsely accuse the client and her attorney is believed in retaliation for exposing undue influence in Galvan’s court by the attorneys who accompanied Galvan to the intimidation and witness tampering effort. There was physical evidence, table tickets and a complete lack of alibis and/or denials by all parties. There were waiters who were witnesses who corroborated the child’s testimony. The meeting was at the child’s favorite restaurant and the waiters knew the father and son. Men are sent to death row for less evidence and no witnesses. More on the topics of Judges Bobby Galvan, William Adams, Dick Alcala, and Tom Greenwell in other of my blogs on these judges.
It is unlikely that Judge Greenwell’s problems, debts, and eventual suicide were connected with debt or drugs. It is unlikely that the judge committed suicide over a possible breakup with his much younger male partner who had the much nicer vehicle and no known job and seemed to be the one running up large debts. What good looking lazy young hustler wouldn’t take the place of Greenwell’s lover in a heartbeat for lots of money and big SUV?
It is very unlikely that Judge Greenwell’s problems were merely judicial corruption on the bench.  The extremely egregious and well documented corruptions of Judges Adams and Galvan point to how insulated Texas Judges are from accountability.  And, I do have material indicating corruption in Greenwell’s court that is shocking to the public but laughably common to the judges in the area.
There is indication of corruption and attorney’s having undue influence in Judge Greenwell’s court. Judge Tom Greenwell was the subject of Attorney Larry Adams (no known family connection with Judge William Adams the judge who beat his disabled daughter) statements that he knew ahead of time that Judge Greenwell would make some very strong and unsubstantiated findings against local Corpus Christi attorney, Mr. David Sibley.   Mr. Sibley had been trying to get Judge Adams of Rockport removed from the bench before Judge Adams daughter put the infamous video on YouTube of her father, Judge William Adams, beating his M.S. afflicted daughter. So, it appears we can rule out any real concern that possible discovery of his corruption would create such a fear as to lead to suicide.   Corruption and a sexually charged beating of a disabled teenage daughter did not get Judge Adams sanctioned.  Here is the video of the brutal and very perverted beating of by Adams of his own 16 year old M.S. afflicted child:  Judge Adams Child Beating Video
And, we are back to the possibility of child molestation or child porn.
The case where Judge Greenwell wrongfully sanctioned Mr. Sibley is cause #
Mr. Sibley represented a father from Washington State trying to see his son in Corpus Christi in the face of a very spiteful and vengeful ex-wife with a wealthy new husband. The boy’s father, an electrician would make trips from the upper Northwest to Corpus Christi to see his son and the boy’s mother would hide the child. Just a petty meanness that cost the father immensely.
This is typical of a child abusing mother and these acts are themselves a form of very serious child abuse with life long destructive implications for the children.  It is a form of abuse called Parental Alienation and can create generational problems and dysfunctions as well as destroy the child’s potential for a happy and healthy life.  See the associated blog entries listed above on Single Mothers for insight into the data the liberal media and demagogic vote buying politicians won’t tell you.   The prognosis for children of single mothers is statistically very bad.  It does not mean that all children of single mothers will turn out badly, it just means that a single mother greatly handicaps the potential for her children to lead productive and happy lives.   95% of prostitutes and drug addicts are raised in single mother homes.
The father, Robert Johnson,  who was being assisted by Mr. Sibley in Judge Greenwell’s court is from a small town near Seattle. The father had not seen his son for years because of the mother’s moving from state to state and refusal to allow the custodial father to see his son she was wrongly keeping from him.
The father had primary custody. The father had another son from another relationship. This other son died after being hit by a car. The grieving father let the mother of his younger son keep the boy for a year while he grieved. When he wanted his son back, the mother had moved to another state and refused to allow the son to return to the custodial father and filed in her new state for custody. The mother was allowed to change venue and then to change custody. She later moved to Corpus Christi where the case was placed in Judge Greenwell’s court.
The mother’s attorney was Larry Adams. The mother’s new husband is a senior pilot for an airline with an income usually in the multiples of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Judge Greenwell sat on an initial hearing where the father flew in from Seattle in an effort to see his son.
The judge’s verbal orders were that the father ‘could‘ see his son over the next 60 days. When the order was written up by the opposition attorney who had the judge sign it without running it past the father’s attorney, Mr. David Sibley, the order stated the father ‘had‘ to see the child a set number of times in the next 30 days.
The opposition attorney, Larry Adams, did not send the father a copy of the order until a day or two before the end of the 30 day period. The Nueces County District Clerk reportedly refused to provide a copy to the father or his attorney until the fraudulent requirement period was beyond the physical ability for the father to comply, even if he had the money to make the requisite number of trips in 30 days on an electrician’s pay.
I was not in attendance, but as presented by parties present, on the first opportunity after the discovery of this fraudulently presented order that Greenwell signed, Mr. Sibley went to court on Mr. Johnson’s behalf to attempt to undo the damage. Before the hearing was to start, Mr. Adams, the mother’s attorney, tells the court manager that this hearing wouldn’t take long, even though Mr. Sibley had considerable information to present to the judge on the fraud committed by Mr. Adams and Mr. Adams wrongful actions to prevent a father from seeing his child after years of the child being denied access to his loving father.
Mr. Adams asked the judge for a sanction against Mr. Sibley for delay of judicial process, the very acts of Mr. Adams, himself. Judge Greenwell granted this. This was the weapon then used by the Bar in its efforts to disbar Mr. Sibley. Other judges in the Nueces County Courthouse were upset and angered at this. Mr. Sibley was known for taking up important cases for people with little or no money. This casew as one of those cases.
However, this is garden variety corruption for Corpus Christi and the counties surrounding the city. This would not be a reason for the suicide, other judges still on the bench in the area would be in prison for many years for committing even worse corruptions, if it weren’t for their power. I do not think the extortion and suicide resulted from corruption on the bench.
It appears we keep coming back to the most critical of possibilities, the only thing that would trump the judge’s power, open him up for extortion, and cause him to commit suicide, would be some form of child sexual abuse.
What else are we left to believe?

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