Friday, January 27, 2017

CORPUS CHRISTI- TEXAS  Internal affairs knew
.CCPD said I carried a gun- they lied
.Drove cop car up on the grass- at the park like it was a raid- then got out and asked some minor question
.The internal affairs cop asked ‘what else do you have on him’- Huh?
.The Catholic Christian lady at the flea market- who CCPD shot multiple times- did not want to go on video because ‘They have been harassing me for years now’- Disgrace!
.Who is more corrupt- Mexico or Corpus Christi Texas?  It’s an emergency
.Union protection?
.The list goes on
.Black kid killed himself
.We need the Feds  Solve the murder- Please!
.Advice for Chief Markle
.Corruption in Corpus Christi
.Why did you shoot the Catholic lady?
.Then arrest her?
.Why do you take your own criminal behavior as a joke?
.Solve the murder
.You get paid for stuff like that

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