Friday, July 10, 2015

The dow is up today [for now] because it looks like Greece might make a deal.
In the long run- it makes little difference.
What happened in Greece will happen to others- even us- down the road.
It’s no secret- we [pundits] have been talking about our debt for years-
China is heading into a free fall- and we are not recovering from anything in this country- we have simply changed numbers for things to look good.
And if I were in the market- would I want any money in a system that is going to lose money- lots- that is held captive to a so called ‘glitch’?
It’s possible that some one [China? Anonymous?] Caused ‘the glitch’-
And shut down trading for a few hours.
Should all your money be riding on a system- that if hacked- or ‘glitched’- could cause you to lose it all- in a day?

I think we don’t ‘think’- 0ften.

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