Friday, October 26, 2012


Let’s end the week with a little news.

Last night I caught a few ‘fact checking’ reports.

They covered the statement in the debate when Romney used the phrase ‘apology tour’.

Now- over the past year this term has a meaning- sort of like ‘Obama care’.

In the talk show/news circuit it means that the President did indeed do a world tour where he felt like he would try and establish a new relationship with foreign leaders.

Now- some say he was naïve- others think he did well- either way- the term ‘apology tour’ refers to this trip.

In the debate- when Romney used the term- the president responded that Romney is a liar- and that he never ‘apologized’.

Got ya.

Now- Romney never said he apologized- and in response Romney said when he uses the term ‘apology tour’ he is not in any way saying he actually used the words ‘I apologize’.

No- Romney gave an honest/truthful response- he said that during this tour- the president did use words like ‘the U.S. has dictated to you other countries at times- and this will be a new season’.

Romney basically said- yes Mr. president- your right- you never actually apologized- but you represented the U.S. in a way that said we were arrogant in the past- we responded to 9-11 in  a way that was inconsistent with our values [I heard him say this myself- he was referring to the water boarding stuff].

Okay- basically Romney used the term- sort of like Obama uses Romnesia- he is not saying that Romney actually suffers from some strange form of amnesia- no- he is saying that Romney changes his position on stuff.

Okay- now here’s how the media tries to manipulate the public.

The reports I saw yesterday- the so called ‘fact checkers’ they went thru some of the speeches Obama gave during this ‘apology tour’ [they left out the ones where he did use the most apologetic language].

And at the end of their fact checking- they said ‘no- Romney is wrong [liar?] because the president never actually apologized’.

Ah- so the unsuspecting public thinks that Romney actually said the president apologized- and then when you hear these reports- these so called ‘fact checks’ you then think ‘gee- that Romney is a liar’.

Okay- where were the reports that said ‘ no- in fact- Romney does not suffer from Romnesia’?


That’s media manipulation- that’s media bias- the media shapes a story in a way that makes you think the way they want you to think.

The actual fact is- Romney- nor anyone that I ever heard use the term- ever meant that Obama actually said ‘I’m sorry’.

But the fact check made you think that was the accusation.

A few years ago there was a news story about a trip to Afghanistan by some senators.

Later on it was reported that some military leaders might have used a form of propaganda on the senators.

Psychological Op’s.

They supposedly did this in order to influence the senators to take their side in the war- I think it had to do with funding or man power.

After the report surfaced- the senators did of course condemn it- but they also said ‘look- we’re big boys- we can’t be swayed by stuff like that’.

But- when you use propaganda- you use it in a way that when you ‘persuade’ the victim- he does not know it.

For instance- maybe when the senators were there for a week- the military guys spoke in a negative way about a certain group/position.

But they did it in what you thought was normal conversation- maybe after a week- you think your just listening in to regular conversation- but everything you heard was to persuade you.

Then- when you get back home- if a vote comes up on the issue- you have already heard all the pros’ [or con’s] and this would indeed effect you.

That’s manipulation- that’s all the ‘fact checks’ that said ‘no- Obama never apologized- Romney is wrong’.

When you read/hear that- you think Romney accused Obama of apologizing- but he never did- he even went out of his way in the debate to say ‘when I use the term Apology Tour- I do not mean you actual apologized- no- I mean…’

Yet- the media still covered the story the way they wanted you to see it.

Now- is this one little thing such a big deal?

No- not if this were the only time it was done.

But the fact is- the media do this every day.

They focus on a story that they think might hurt someone [like a 40 year old hair cut that Romney gave to some kid- a ‘bullying incident’].

But the murder of 4 Americans in Libya- and the absolute failure on the part of the administration by not protecting our guys- no- on some news shows this gets zero coverage.

That’s manipulation- that’s bias- that’s what you don’t see.

Yes- like the well meaning senators- you might think ‘heck- I’m not that dumb’.

But the media must think we are- because they keep on doing it- day after day.

No wait- maybe they think we suffer from that newly coined disease- what was it again?

Oh yeah- Romnesia- that’s it.

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