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1824- LAST TRAIN TO VICTORVILLE [a dog [man?] eat dog world]

As we wrap up the week- we have had some serious [and silly] discussions going on in the country.


Yes- a few weeks back the Obama team decided to make the ‘dog on Romney’s car’ a story. 

His campaign people began talking about the way Romney treated his dog by making him ride on the roof on a trip to Canada.

Oh yes- you even have on-line sites- by dogs- who are criticizing Romney.

Now- when you do stupid stuff like this [on both sides] and make it an issue- then beware- they will find a dog story about you.

Sure enough- the ‘right’ found a quote from Obama where he admitted he dined on Dog meat while a 7 year old boy in Indonesia.

Oh yea- sweet.

You saw all the on line pictures of Obama chomping on a hot dog- but in place of the wiener you saw a cute pup with mustard on his head.

You had the Pres chasing after his dog at the white house- with a spatula in hand- ready to plop him on the grill.

Yeah- we spent a week with the dog wars.

Serious stuff?

Well- we did have the vote on the Buffet Tax go down in flames.


This is where my friends on the left don’t seem to get it.

As an independent- I try and see the middle ground- the real value [if any] behind the things the President wants to do.

I don’t hate the man- see him as a commie- but he does do [say] things that are really disingenuous.

Okay- the tax on millionaires.

The president- and his cronies- keep saying- nonstop- that millionaires need to pay ‘their fair share’ and that they pay less than the average working stiff.

The famous quote about Buffet is ‘he pays less than his secretary’.

Now- this has been said so much- people actually now believe it.

What John- aint it true?

Not really.

 The tax rate on millionaires [income tax] is around 38%.

That’s the highest you can go.

So why does the Pres keep saying they pay less?

He’s talking about the tax rate on investment income [Stocks].

This rate- called Capital Gains tax- is 18%.

Now- if you’re a millionaire with no regular income- and you live off your stock income [dividends] then your only paying 18 on that.

John- do most millionaires do this?


There are more millionaires who pay both rates- income tax at 38- and capital gains at 18.

In reality- if Obama passed the ‘millionaires’ tax- it would raise about 4 billion a year- which is nothing compared to a 15-16 trillion dollar debt.

But the president has said this tax would fix the debt- and do a host of other things which is simply not true.

It is only a political game- that’s it.

So- when you do stuff like this- waste all this time going around the country claiming that this millionaire’s tax is some sort of solution- then we know he is not serious about really dealing with the major problem the country is facing- dealing with entitlements.

Okay- being we are in another possible economic slowdown [things are not looking that good- the European crisis is rearing its head- and some housing and jobs numbers are showing bad signs].

What does the president have on the table as a jobs plan?

I have mentioned this a few times in the past- but his plan right now [besides pouring billions into a hole called solar energy] is to do High Speed Rail.

Yes- the president has talked about pouring billions of dollars into high speed rail projects- while at the same time cutting billions form other real programs.

The train from Victorville [80 miles outside of downtown L.A.] to Vegas.

The govt. has a program [RRIF] where we lend money to rail projects across the land.

Now- the main purpose of the program- is to either fix or upgrade existing rail lines.

The president has been stopped with the stimulus money- congress is not going to give him any more.

The only chance of getting more ‘fake money’ into the game is if the Fed Reserve does a Qe-3 [prints another batch of money] and puts it on the table.

So- the president knows if he can simply spend more govt. money- in any way [like extending the ‘payroll’ tax cut- all this does is starve the Social Security fund for another year- so people have more money now. This is not policy- per se- its simply saying ‘we won’t have people pay into the system while I’m president- so they spend more in the market- and I won’t look so bad’].

Now- the only way the pres could get the money for these silly rail projects- is to use an existing govt. loan program to fund it.

The train?

This rail line will fulfill one major purpose- it will transport tourists from the L.A. area to Vegas- to the casinos [Harry Reid’s pet lobby- that’s why he as the majority leader in the senate will pass it].

Yes- this project is the brain child of the casino moguls- what Obama terms as ‘the fat cats’.


The train departs from Victorville- goes nonstop to Vegas- at a cost of about 100 bucks.

It takes about 4 hours to drive- once you’re on the train- 80 minutes.

You have to drive from L.A. to the Town of Victorville- Park your car [for a charge] and when you get to Vegas- either rent a car- or ride the taxi.

The rail line has no real purpose for those coming to L.A. from Vegas- because you would be stuck 80 miles outside of town- and have to rent a car for the day- plus get back on the train on your way home- and pay the car rental spot to pick up your car- and drive home.

Okay- you could fly round trip from L.A. to Vegas for around the same price.

Their already is a private bus co. [probably more than one] who will take you and a crowd for 99 bucks- plus feed you on the way.

But no- the real pressing need of the country- at a cost of 5 billion tax dollars [one years worth of the Buffet tax]- is to build this high speed rail- after all- look at all the jobs it will create.


 The so called benefits of these rail lines are they create less pollution and auto traffic.

Because everyone will abandon their silly cars and ride the rail.

In most places [if not all?] where this has been tried- the govt. has to step in and underwrite the loss at the cost of the taxpayer.

These projects just don’t work- or you would have had the casino moguls get funding for it thru the banks.

So- the rail line plan- the presidents main plan for jobs [he said this in his state of the union- remember- our Sputnik moment?]

Is doomed for failure.

It will also shut down the private bus services that now do this.

It will compete with the round trip ticket from the private plane companies.

It will cost jobs in the end- not create them.

All at a cost of 5 billion tax dollars.

The govt. loan company that makes these loans has never spent this much before.

Yes- I’m not talking another single loan- no- they have never spent this much in their entire history of making loans- total.

So Obama is simply using them as a cover to get stimulus money for the project.

A project that would basically cost you- and me- 5 billion tax dollars- all so tourists could ride to the casinos.

Okay- this is what we mean when we say the president simply does not have the experience for the job.

That he has made bad business decisions- and continues to make them- time and time again [Solyndra].

No- I’m not mad at the president for chowing down some fine dog cuisine while in Indonesia.

I’m just worried that Dog meat might be the meat of the future- because if this high speed rail plan is what’s gonna bail us out- then we all might be eatin it soon.

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