Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is a letter one of my friends asked me to share- They are a Facebook friend

Bahraine Rage May 25 at 1:13pm Report
dear JohnI apologize for the inconvenience, but I need your help as you are an American citizeni wrote this letter to US administration, and i hope that you help me to send it through your friends too, if it is possible, i think it would be more effective if supported by American people.thank you very much in any case.Bahrain Rage this is the letter:The American people, human rights activists, journalists and reporters are our friends, we will never forget their noble attitude towards our revolution, but on the other hand, we would never forget the official American attitude which acted as main instigator that incited the dictatorial Regime to commit anti humanity crimes against us.People of Bahrain have raised their fare revolution started from the unfortunate fact they experience, this fact which is not different too much from the one of Arab nations who announced their revolution against corrupt regimes, such as Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen and Libya. The only fault of those people is that their tiny island was a generous host for the UAs fleet, what prompted the USA government to take a contrary attitude to these of it, towards other Arab revolutions. So, instead of siding with peaceful people in response to their just cause, the USA government has committed to silence in public, and support in the shadows towards the oppression and abuse, that Al Khalifa Regime faced civilized people with. And instead of hastening to representation of its role as an advocate for democracy, as it claims, the USA government has adopted the style of lined incitement, which was embodied in its attitude from the entry of Peninsula Shield forces to Bahrain and the massacres and atrocities these forces have committed, which were shameful affront to humanity. And thus, the highest official in the state had declared that this intervention can’t be considered as an invasion, and that the American administration understands the military move by Al-Saud regime in Bahrain, by this, ignoring all principles it claims, to support the nations’ right of self determination and democratic systems.Despite suffering from the cruelty and brutality of this intransigent regime, through their peacefulness and their civilized march towards freedom, and by not being sucked to a sectarian strife that USA bet on to eliminate the revolution, people of Bahrain have proved to the entire world how conscious and intelligent they are, so they attracted all liberals and free people from several countries, and thus, apologists for them separated everywhere, not only believing in the justice of Bahraini people cause and that they are worthy of gaining their demands, but also that those whom have committed crimes against them should take retribution. And thus, voices started rising and cries overriding, causing headache to the White House and an obsession to both brutal regimes; Khalifi and Saudi. All this, has forced the USA Administration to have some changes on its strategy in order to save what can be saved, and to avoid the great embarrassment, on the external front that is of, in the position of the European Union which was entirely different from the outset, then the access of the issue to the threshold of The Huge Tribunal. Also on the eternal front which is represented in Presidential Elections that makes the Obama’s fate at stake.As Bahraini people are smart and conscious that cannot be taken in by deceits and tricks, they have announced a strong stand towards the USA Administration tries to contain the crisis and solve it in its own method. This was presented in the opposition announcement not to surrender, refusing to compromise on the key demands of the revolution. And as the scandal of the regime has escalated, and its internal crisis that was represented in the dispute within the ruling family that was reflected on the ranks of loyalists has started, beside the rising condemnation voices: internal and external to the USA policy, the former started heading towards more assertive tone with its ally and moving here and there to insidiously wraps around Bahraini people’ demands.And so we declare clearly for the entire world and to this aligned administration that we are aware of those tricks which some of were presented in the king’s declaration to end the state of emergency on the first of the next month and his recent statements that he tried through to absolve his responsibility from those crimes, the announcement of the Ministry of Interior of Providing those involved in the case of murder of the martyr Ali Saqer to investigation without declaring their names causing doubt on the sincerity of that. Then release a number of detainees as a result to the pressure of international human rights organizations.People after all these crimes of murders, robbing, terrorizing, torturing, insulting sanctities, not only would never accept less than the departure of Al Khalifa, but also will demand public trail to all those responsible for these crimes.Hence, we would like to advise this administration, that people of Bahrain would never forget those who stood by their side and supported their case. As well as, they would never forget those who conspired against them and their revolution, gave the green light to dictatorial rulers to suppress and oppress them. And no doubt this will be reflected negatively on the interests of this administration and on its relationship with Bahraini people in future.History has shown that at the end, victory is always an alliance for peoples, and tyrants must be thrown in the dustbin of history. The USA Administration should be aware of this fact very well, and try to correct its paths so as not regret them in future.And we think that window of opportunity stills in front, and that can be through declaration of supporting people without discrimination in their movement towards democracy, and seek to rein in the dictatorial regimes to stop them from the commission of repression and abuse their people, because these people are, who will remain, and will determine its foreign relations and those regimes are, which will be gone and Will not be beneficial any more to those parties that supported and backed them.In the end, our thanks to the various factions of people of the U.S.A, who reflected a completely different position of the official one. To all, ordinary citizens,Human rights activists, doctors, lawyers, journalists and correspondents. To free TV channels and fare press which quoted the truth as it is without bias at the time that Arab Media forsake and abandoned us.As well as to a number of members of Congress and honored senators who generously listened to us, we thank them all, and confirm that our loyal people will never forget their support to them, requesting more pressure on the USA Administration so it correct its strategy towards Bahrain and people of Bahrain.

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