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Palm Sunday

PALM SUNDAY [3-25-18]
Matthew 11:4 Jesus answered and said unto them, Go and shew John again those things which ye do hear and see:
Matthew 11:5 The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them
 [Note- As I was reviewing this video- I usually pick a verse or story that relates to what I spoke on. I shared an ‘off the cuff’ [unplanned] story about a boy raised from the dead in Kingsville many years ago- so that’s why you see this verse at the top- when the kingdom is present you see the poor having the word preached to them- and you see the dead raised]
Note right before I post [4-1-18]- I want to wish all of you a happy Easter Sunday this morning. As some of you know I usually make the Sunday sermon video on Sunday and it takes about a week before I finish the post. So God willing I will make the Easter video today and post it in a week. I have recently posted some NYC videos- Trump tower- New York- etc. Of course all my videos and posts are public. It’s possible that the Justice Department- for whatever reason- have been checking out my posts. I’m not sure why- but it’s all public- and true. If it is because of the corruption I recently exposed in Nueces county [again] and has to do with the videos on the abuse of the 117th district court and the account I talked about in Judge Sandra Watts court- then that's a good thing. If the justice department simply investigates the courts- particularly that one account I documented- I believe they would find criminal liability for the official court employees who not only lied under oath that day- but also made a false arrest.  While Judge Watts initially denied my request for a lawyer that day- The fine of 150 dollars was a retaliatory act by her- and this is minor compared to the other things that have gone on over the years.
If the investigation leads to criminal charges- then yes- a Federal warrant can be issued- and the arrest of Judge Watts- or any judge for that matter- will take place. Judges- citizens- no one is above the law. If investigations by outside agencies show criminal activity- then yes- the judge will go to court- if the charges are serious enough the judge will indeed go to prison. Or possibly face probation- and the removal of the license to practice law in the state of Texas. All of these things are a process of the judicial system in our country. No citizen should ever be intimidated- threatened- or actually assaulted- because they expose corruption.
 The other day- right after I made the video exposing this corruption- I went to my yard- and sure enough- there was a gun shot fired down the block. My dogs heard it and ran inside- even a neighbor heard it. It was not a car backfire- but a gun shot. For citizens to be intimidated by those in authority- is absolutely unacceptable in any society- John
 [I’m writing too much now]- On the videos this week I spoke about going to jury duty years ago- I was released by the bailiff- and in the morning session Judge Watts said ‘one of you will not be coming back this afternoon’. At the time I was watching a friends young son when he got of the bus for school- so I could not do jury duty. Later that day Judge Watts had me arrested at my house- put in handcuffs- for not being there in the afternoon. I was furious. In the court that day the bailiff lied and either Judge Watts did not remember what she said- or did remember and decided to arrest me under false pretenses. I was waiting outside her court in handcuffs and told the deputies she needs to appoint me a lawyer. The deputy asked her- and she said she would not. I was even more furious- I stated that if Judge Watts arrests me like this- and then refuses to appoint me a lawyer- this is wrong. Finally one was appointed. I did all the talking anyway. After all of this- she fined me 150 dollars and assured me I would get a ride home [I was supposed to be there because of what I explained].When I left her court- I asked the deputies in the hall when I would get a ride back to my house- they laughed. I talked about this on the videos below.
Palm Sunday videos-

.Taught outside of the Cathedral downtown- and you see a Bethlehem christian at the start of the video
.Objective- Relative truth
.Bluff stories- Kingsville too
.Triumphal entry
.The king riding a donkey
.The Palm branches
.Maccabean revolt
.Christian unity

News link- I have said the same thing- before reading any article about this. But I added the link to show you how the corporate media and the West are indeed a propaganda machine.

3-31-18 Friends- Henry teaches 
3-30-18 Judge Sandra Watts- 117 district court- Nueces county 
3-30-18 Update- Local n World news 
3-30-18 The bridge- I tried to cover some news stuff- but its hard to hear this video- at least you get a
3-31-18 Judge Sandra Watts- 117 district court- Police chief Nava- corruption in Nueces county 

Good view of the Oso bay 
St. Patrick’s cathedral- New York City
2nd Samuel 16- Homeless friends!Aocp2PkNEAGMgRKFgV_NRuuIJTQz 
42nd Street- NYC 

Today I went to the Catholic Cathedral for Palm Sunday- though I actually never made it in to the Mass.
Instead I taught from outside while the service was going on. [see the rest here- ]

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