Wednesday, March 29, 2017

.Bro. Skinner
.David sees his mom and brother
.Assembly of God
.Fire Dept.
.The famous cigarette investigation
.Attorneys General
.fundamental Baptists
.Yes son- I spoke in tongues
.Refugio bust
.Pops n Charlie
.Humility house
.12 steps
.The car wreck
.’Send an ambulance- now!’
.Cop said he was shot by Black man
.They went after him
.Cop lied- his department knew- but didn’t want the truth to come out
.The cop shot himself- he was being investigated for stealing money
.And he hired a hit man to kill the councilwoman investigating him
.Culture of corruption
.Grandpa saw Al Pacino
.Who was by my house again?
.Cop frames Black kid- he saw him at the ATM
.Hayden case
.Medical examiner
.How much is all this costing you?
.Too many reports
.Lap- top ‘keep the change
.Violence on one side only
.Friend of sinners
.Mom goes to jail
.Chief Markle on the radio
.Public relations
.Saw an Indian ‘flying a sign’
.See the Blue angels [for real]

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