Monday, May 04, 2015

I’m mad today.
In my office- I have the faces- cut out from the newspaper- of many of the cases we read about every year- criminal cases- kids sent to prison- and yes- even cops who died- or did stuff.
I have been praying for these guys for untold years.
I just heard talk radio- and heard Rush refer to one of the Blacks who were killed this past year- as ‘the gentle giant’.
That’s just one of the ways the media shows disrespects  for the Black people killed in these racially charged killings.
Last year I was doing a meeting at a halfway house- one of my bible studies.
I had the normal crew- lots of street guys- people who have been around for years.
Someone brought up how this past year the cops have gone out of the way to ‘be nice’ they were seeing a real change.
I had others tell me this- especially about the whole homeless situation and their dealings with the CCPD.
I finally told them ‘that's because I documented all this ‘s..’ that has been going on for 25 years out here- and sent it off to the DOJ’!
I also sent one email to Chief Simpson at the time- and copies of the letters I sent to the DOJ.
I believe he took actions- and the street guys noticed it.
So- why am I mad?
I see the outpouring for the chiefs death yesterday- and I in no way demean it.
But how many of you even cared one second about all these other deaths- and situations we have seen in the media when these Black kids are killed?
The prosecutor in Baltimore just indicted the 6 officers involved in the kid’s death a week or 2 ago.
Some say it was a rush to judgment- I don’t know.
But the only real mourning for these kids- are mocked in the media.
The cops said Freddie Gray had a switchblade- they lied.
It was a legal pocket knife.
Others said he broke his own spine- ridiculous.
‘then why was he jumping around in the back of the cop van’.
When you have a severe head/neck injury- and sense ‘impending doom [I was an EMT for 25 years].
You panic- that’s why he was asking for medical help.
‘o- I see John’.
Yet these deaths- cases- are forgotten in a day- yet the mourning of the moms goes on for years- while the media makes fun of them.
I just cut out the picture of Chief Simpson from the paper- he’s now on my prayer WALL- WITH HIS WIFE AND 4 KIDS.
I ‘TOLD HIM’- ‘be assured- your family will be prayed for- weekly- for the rest of my life’.
‘wow John- are you sure you can live up to this”
I have been doing this for 25 years- the names- cases- of all these guys-
I was up at 2:30 am- doing it today.
So- obviously I mourn the passing of the chief- I saw a pastor friend on the front page- with his family.
Do you pastors pray for the Freddie Gray families?

So today- we lost a good man- but let’s make sure we value all the lives of these kids- just like everyone else.

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