Thursday, April 23, 2015

Went to see Pop’s yesterday- did this short clip as a memorial to Charlie boy.
Charlie died last week- he was a severe alcoholic- and he reached the end of the road.
I mentioned it the other day.
I hung with Pop’s for about 4 hours- I gave him a ride to the AA meeting [though I do not attend].
Bought the old man some cig’s and stuff- the poor guy is living in a rundown apt.- and struggles.
As we were driving to the meeting- Pop’s told me about an old friend who just got out of prison- did 10 years.
‘Wow John- what did he do’.
He was getting divorced- and the ex did not want a divorce.
She works at some bank here in Corpus.
She accused him of molesting their young daughter [around 5?]
He was convicted- of course lost his job- and recently got out- he was trying to get a place where Pop’s lives- but because he is now a sex offender- life ruined- it was too close to a school and he was turned down.
‘Well John- he made his bad and has to sleep in it’.
Be very careful before you ever say ‘so and so did something’-
If your wrong- then you will reap stuff.
Pop’s told me the guy didn’t do it- the young girl- now older- has admitted ‘mommy’ made her lie!
So sad.
I asked Pop’s ‘what happened to the mom’.
Well- if this weren’t a Christian site- I would say ‘all you bitches are going to go to hell for stuff like that’.
But- I can’t say it.

Ok- have a good weekend.

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