Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just a quick update- the stuff I just posted was old- some of you read it this past year. This week I got with some of the guys and wanted to make a short copy to print- that’s what you see.
I already have a few more videos I need to upload this week- then continue on our Hebrews study.
These past few months I have run into some of the guys- have lots’ of friends- some who are even clean- and in AA/NA.
Something that ‘bugs’ the hell out of me- is some of these friends- who I have known for years-
They stole stuff from people in the past- some still steal.
Those of you have gotten clean- great- but you need to follow the damn rules of your own program.
I’m glad to see some of you doing well- having a good time- But you set people back [myself at times] by stealing stuff from them- you guys need to go make that stuff right-

Obey your own damn rules on restitution!

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