Friday, April 17, 2015

In today’s video you see some of the old crew- Jimmy D.
I mention this because for the past year or so, I have been telling the guys that ministry- meetings- all the stuff we have been doing-
And having a good time- was ok, but the guys needed to make a change.
So- I’m bad at answering texts- never get the phone or listen to messages.
So- this past month one of the boys- Jimmy- has been texting ‘John- I’m at Charlie’s Place [detox] and I’m clean! Still you won’t talk!’
So- I got with Jimmy- and we had a good day.
In ministry- we use Justice and Mercy.
My intent on being hard on the guys is not to just cut them off- but to show them that lifestyles of using- stealing- etc.
Are not what this is all about.
So- I figured I’d post the Goat Video [you’ll have to watch it to know why I named it this!]
And hopefully next week I’ll do part 2 of our Hebrews study-
Ok- God bless- have a good weekend.
Note- I have no official post for the week- but I’ll go ahead and post the short version of the page I have on the blog on addiction recovery.
I made a short version this week for some of the guys- so they could review it [some don’t have on-line access].

Ok- hope you enjoy the little video- see you all next week.

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