Friday, March 06, 2015

On this video [I think it’s this one?] I tell A TRUE STORY of a boy raised from the dead [no lie]-
He’s alive and kick'n today..
This happened in the early 80’s- his dad runs an ad in the Corpus Paper every week- Doctor Charles Clemens- watch this.
It’s funny- when I told you guys I was reading up on the Bipolar thing the other day- I mean there are so many different signs for various names of all types of conditions- Manic- Bipolar- etc.
Frankly there are too many different ‘types’-
But I read something about ‘cycling’- it talked about how many ‘hi’s-Lo’s’ a person has-
I thought it must have been a typo-
It said ‘if you have 4 or more A YEAR’- Then it’s Bipolar [with some other name too- one of those silly divisions].
I had to re-read it- Yeah- that’s what they said.
Now- no kidding here- I thought ‘you gotta be kidding me’
 I have about 4- every week- I’m sorry- but I was laughing {I’m actually laughing now- thinking about it].

Ok- watch this story- it did happen- kids name is Andrew Clemens- raised from the dead.

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