Friday, March 06, 2015

Let me explain something- when anyone makes an accusation against a person- first and foremost- you should never lie.
Second- even if a person lies- and thinks ‘oh well- it’s just a misdemeanor’- the accuser’s mom called my house- which is against the law when you accuse someone by the way.
And told my daughter this- and even said to her ‘well good- at least maybe he will stop drinking’.
Trying to make my daughter accept that her daughter lied.
Ok- I did 30 days of a work program in lieu of jail time-
And the people said ‘it’s all over’.
We live in an on-line world- first- you should never do any days- if someone lies.
But- even if you do them- and say if you try to move to- NY- N.j.- you can’t rent they check your record- and they won’t rent [over a lie mind you].
Then you try and do ministry- and of course this lie just ‘keeps on giving’.
People read the lie- and the ‘ministry’ Is done.
So- don’t ever say ‘ok- it’s over now’.
Not if you lied- then because of other reasons- a real life federal case is now happening [dealing with Police abuse- reported to the DOJ- by me].
So now we have a much bigger thing- not of my making- so never lie- it’s wrong.
Those who have read my site for a while- some thought everything was true at first- and don’t forget- I did too!
For the first month or so- I apologized for heaven’s sake- on Facebook!
I was honest- and said ‘I don’t remember’- then later found out the girl lied- and her mom asked her friends to lie.
And if you read the statements- it was obvious!!
Now- that’s just to let you know- I was confessing at first- not covering up- and to be honest when people who knew them said they were lying-
I didn’t want to deal with it- because I thought I already did!
And it added extra stuff to the whole thing-
So- because of certain Police things that went on- it is now indeed a real federal case-

So- that’s why you’re seeing these posts again- just wanted to clarify.

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