Friday, March 06, 2015

I’m gonna write on this a bit- because things have been raised to a higher level now.
One of the ways we found out the girl lied [and the mom too] was my daughter knew them.
They did not know this at first- so they were privy to Facebook posts and all.
There were actual Facebook posts- by them- saying ‘no- don’t say that- take that down’- etc. - openly telling each other to lie!
That’s how we found out-
To Debbie- I think they [Shelby and her mom] tried to make it look like they didn’t know you- I’m not sure- but I was asked some stuff- and it made me think they were trying to say that.
No- my daughter did know them- the mom had her number- and they all talked as friends.
Also- at one time Shelby posted ‘wow- I’m at a line up right now [which one? I was home] and this is so cool!!’- Words to that effect- like this whole thing was a game.
Her mom then posted ‘take that down- it makes us look bad’- I mean the lack of seeing that lying- treating all this like a game.
Asking Chris and Nicole to lie- all of this is very serious stuff.

It was stuff like this that made me wonder about a lot.

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