Saturday, March 07, 2015

How do I know they lied?
Good question-
Many ways- but I’ll give you one.
During this case- Nicole Chaffen CALLED MY HOUSE- And said to my daughter- Debbie Chiarello ‘Shelby’s mom wants me to le TO THE POLICE- and I told her I don’t want to lie to the police’.
Now- that’s a pretty strong case- ya think?
She was there that day- she was asked ‘did John do this- did you see’?
Answer ‘I had my head turned’- that was a lie- but the mom could not get her to LIE FULLY-
The mom implied to these kids that the COPS WERE ASSHOLES- And you can get them to believe anything.
Her words [thoughts] not mine.
Now- CCPD_ as much as you guys like reading my site- how bout you simply get in your car- take a quick drive- and simply ask Nicole Chaffen if this is true?

Seems like this would solve a lot.

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