Thursday, November 20, 2014 Texas crew at Burger King

In this week’s video I was going to teach- but instead I just let a girl I just met share her story.
After I stopped the video- we talked for another hour or so- I realized that she is a sweet girl- and did ask her ‘hon- let me ask this- lots of my friends here in the Bluff struggle with Meth- has that been a problem for you in the past’.

She talked openly- the reason I asked was not to offend her- but some of my friends [not all] have conspiracy theories- and extreme paranoia from Meth.
And sweet Desiree – off tape- did seem to show some of these signs [her involvement with the CIA- crimes that God showed her- stuff like that].

One of the friends who was at the table left- he’s not in the video.

He’s a guy I have known for years- now clean for 1 year- and lives at our halfway house.

Andy asked him ‘what do you think about the girl’s story’.

He replied in a snide way- that she was ‘full of it’.

Now- I share this to say God deals with all of us- and this girl no the video does have value to what she said- it’s her experience with God.

So- if I were vain- I would not have ‘wasted’ the space on my site- and could have simply done the teaching I planned on.

But I felt God wanted you guys to see her story- so enjoy.
 Radio quotes- and a few key verses I have been reading the past week or so-
‘The people God used all had major flaws’ ‘All material things will pass away’ ‘Everything was on hold until he cut off ungodly connections’ ‘God strategically placed him so he would have greater influence in a larger audience’ [talking about Josephs story in Genesis] ‘If gifted people don’t have self-discipline- order- then the gift wont’ function at its highest potential’ ‘Behold- I have refined thee- but not with silver- I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction’ ‘see a man skilled in his work- he will not stand before obscure men- but before kings’ ‘Beware of materialism- for a man’s life does not consist of the abundance of the things he possesses’ ‘You will grow in wisdom and stature’ ‘Thou hast heard- see all this? Will ye not declare it- I have showed thee new things from this time- even hidden things, and thou did not know them’ ‘The word of the Lord came unto him in a vision- saying FEAR NOT’ ‘Authority in the kingdom comes thru serving’ ‘I will tell you things before they come to pass- so when they happen you will know I did it’ ‘Prosperity is abounding in both lack and abundance- its’ not measured by building wealth’ ‘It’s hard at times to let go of the old mindset- because we have invested so much time in it’ [ I was talking to leaders about ministry on this tape] ‘Church is a revolutionary movement in the earth’ ‘He caused waters to flow out of the rock for them- he broke open the rock and the waters gushed out’ ‘Thou hast heard- see all this- will not ye declare it? I have showed thee new things from this time forth- even hidden things and thou did not know them’ ‘they are created now- and not from the beginning’ ‘And now the Lord God, and his Spirit hath sent me’ ‘For behold, I am with you’.

Ok- as I end this ‘thread’- Those of you who have read my posts and followed the last few weeks have seen how I struggled somewhat about making some changes.

I felt like I would go back and interact with my street guys- but not in the same way as before- I used to spend whole days just helping the guys.

I’m not around as much- but still see them.

I felt I would drop the 5-6 weekly meetings I was doing all over South Texas- but I would do them ‘on the fly’.

In the next post you will see just that.

So- I hoped this little journaling helped- especially other Pastors/ leaders who might read the site.

People in ministry often struggle when making changes- and sometimes we become ‘addicted’ to the ministry- in a wrong way.

As I transition back into more ‘action’ I noticed that I’m already starting to hit ‘high gear’- meaning I can see how easy it is to go ‘nonstop’.

I spent the whole day with some of the crew- did a meeting at the halfway house [next video] went to see Brother Bear.

He’s a friend who has been wanting to work with me in- well ‘ministry’.

As I checked out his spot- it reminded me of the first building we bought in Kingsville years ago.

It was an old lumber yard I bought for the ministry.

Bear’s spot looked just like it- we walked around- talked about ideas for- well- another ministry.

I did tell Bear that I changed my schedule up- and of course would be willing to do one of the ‘new style’ meetings there- but I saw myself getting into the ‘high gear’ thing- and had to slow it down.

Jimmy D [who has been calling- texting a lot] said ‘I’m glad your back- we thought we lost you’.

No- I’m not ‘lost’ just had to re-group a bit- and it seems to be working better.

Note- in the next video you will see how I did the meetings I have been talking about this past year- I know you’ve seen me teach on the videos- but the next one is the closest to what my meetings looked like.

God bless- talk to you later.

Note- Guess I’ll add this- wasn’t going to- but changed my mind [just now].

One of my closest homeless friends is Henry- I’ll try and get him on video one day.

You would be impressed- he’s very articulate and knowledgeable.

Henry seems to take it the hardest when I’m gone- like for months at a time.

I have been seeing Henry every day this week- and yesterday I felt I should go to the bookstore and find him something- he loves books.

I went to Half price books- but couldn’t’ find all the bible reference books they used to have-

I wanted to get him one that has the old classic cover on it- so I prayed ‘what would Henry like’.

I found a classic looking one- they were poems about Christ- written over the centuries.

I gave it to Henry yesterday at the mission- he was so grateful- he’s already sharing some of the poems with me.

It’s the little things like this- that have the most impact.

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