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‘If you have faith- just like a mustard seed- the smallest of all seeds [less than zero?] you would say to THIS MOUNTAIN ‘be removed and be cast into the sea’ and it would do it’!

Jesus says lots of neat stuff ‘I am the door of the sheep- by me- if any man enter in he shall be saved’.



You mean hinges and stuff?

Well- not really- you’ll see soon.

The other day I caught an interview with Julian Assange.

He’s the WikiLeaks founder who has been hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy.

The U.S. is hunting him down- and he’s staying there as a shelter.

Why are we hunting him?

He was the recipient [not the leaker!] of thousands of emails and texts that Bradley Manning ‘illegally’ downloaded to his computer disk- and gave them to WikiLeaks [a site that exposes the secrets of corrupt governments].

Now- I am not saying I agree with all the leaks he did- but some were exposing corruption.

The most damaging of the leaks showed secret recordings between the U.S. and other govts- things that are indeed bad- some real bad.

The worst thing leaked was the video of a U.S. chopper killing civilian reporters [by accident].

The problem?

There were kids in the van- and we kept shooting!

On the video- you hear our guys realizing there were kids that we might have shot.

Our guys say ‘that’s what they get for bringing there kids’.

These were civilian reporters for heavens sake!

Okay- that’s the worst of what Assange REPORTED.

The U.S. govt. is trying to catch the guy- if we do- he will never see the light of day.

We tried Manning on charges that could have merited the death penalty.

For what?

National security secrets?

No- for what I just told you.

So- we are trying to execute- imprison- and stop folk- who exposed some bad stuff.

Yeah- now your ‘getting’ it.

I was reading the book of Revelation the other day.

I like the imagery of the powerful angels.

They are putting chains on satan- casting great stones into the water.

These images show us stuff.

Stones into the water?

Yeah- one angel cast a great millstone- ‘like a mountain- into the sea’.


Sounds like the verse at the top.

Mountains represent kingdoms- power structures.

When these ‘mountains’ become corrupt- they are ripe for getting thrown into the sea.

So- in Jesus day they had this custom.

We read in the bible [Acts] that there were those who made/worshipped idols at the time of Jesus.

You could have your own little idol statue made- for a price.

Those who renounced these practices- after becoming Christ followers- they would take these idols and throw them into the sea.

Yeah- like casting a stone into the water.

Now- the bigger the rock- the bigger the splash.

One day Jesus was walking with his men- rumor has it that they were right next to a spot where you would take these statues- stones- and cast them into the water.

Right up the trail there was this strange sight.

It’s still there today.

There are these 2 mountains.

But one of the mountains has its ‘top’ cut off- and the other mountain has ‘extra’ on top.

The story goes that king Herod- a corrupt king who ruled Palestine at the time of Christ.

He had the slaves literally cut the top of one mountain off- and put it on top of the other.

Yeah ‘king of the hill’ type thing.

He built this palace/penthouse on top- so all the world could see who was the king of the hill.

Now- you have this radical revolutionary- Jesus- who has come in the footsteps of John the Baptist.

John was a mad man- dressed in loin cloths and ate grasshoppers!

One time Herod had John put in jail- but John couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

He kept yelling ‘Herod- you took your brothers wife- your committing adultery!’

Herod was afraid of John- but the misses- well now that’s another story.

You could imagine the anger- she had to hear this rugged prophet- day in and day out- telling everyone what she did [John was the original WikiLeaker!]

So- one day Herod’s wife’s daughter dances this sensual dance for the king.

The king says ‘wow babe- that was the best lap dance ever- name your price’.

She asks her mom ‘what should I ask for’?

Now- the mom is sneaky- and she says ‘tell him you want John’s head- on a platter’.

Yeah- the deed is done.

So- that’s the Herod that Jesus knows- the one who beheaded his friend/cousin.

So- one day Jesus is walking with his men- they know the scoop- that these stones- when you cast them into the sea- well- it’s representing a kingdom- an idol- coming down.

Now- in this context- standing right by Herods Mountain top Villa.



Well you know the story- Jesus gets crucified- there are various Roman Emperors who will come after and destroy Gods people.

There was this general by the name of Constantine- a great military ruler.

In the 4th century he comes to fight for the rule of Rome- he wants to consolidate the Roman Empire under one rule.

He has this dream before the big battle.

In the dream he sees a vision of a Cross in the sky.

He hears a voice ‘in this sign conquer’.

The next day he paints this Cross on the shields of his men.

He wins the battle- becomes the new emperor- and in a short time he will declare Christianity the new religion of the realm.

Yeah- even this mountain fell- just like Jesus said.

Note- Door of the sheep.

In Jesus day you had these circular walls- they were stone sheep pens- in a circle.


They had no gate- no door.

When the sheep would enter in and bed down for the night- the Shepherd himself would lie down in the entrance.

He became the door.

No sheep could leave- or wolves enter- unless they passed over the door.


That’s what Jesus meant when he said HE was the door of the sheep- he would lie down [in death] for his sheep- friends.

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