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There are things that I want to cover- stuff that pertains to the recent stuff- but some of this will take time to develop.

I want to be careful- for all involved- when we talk about it.


In this recent case- the stuff I have been blogging on- I ‘see’ everyone involved thru the lens of ‘what’s Gods’ ultimate will for all’.

For instance- I don’t view this as ‘me against them’.

Or ‘let me use the blog/face book to my advantage’.

No- I see everyone as people caught up in something- that was instigated by my very bad choices [driving drunk- black out drunk].

Now- everyone will also be held accountable for the wrong they did after the fact.

At the start of this- I posted- in a very serious way- that it’s not a joke- to law enforcement- to lie in a criminal case- or to ask others to lie.

As time went on- I [as well as both sides of the case] did see that yes- the person lied- about the most ‘important’ thing.

As I recounted the story- many times- I would say ‘look- most of this is my fault- I’m no ‘innocent man’ who got framed’.

But- the actual charge- well yes- that’s false.

It took time for me to see it- because the girl gave her self away- when she herself said it happened- when there were 2 other people there.

That’s when I knew- for a fact- that she made that up.

Then- when I saw the actual statements- I knew she lied.

Okay- why?

Over the next week or 2- I’m going to tell another true story- something that makes this look like ‘child’s play’.

It has to do with a former church member from a church I started years ago.

He was involved in sorcery and witchcraft- and he also was involved with ministry.

This person- who in the coming days I will reveal- had an all out assault against me and my family in Kingsville.

All out?

Yeah- it was very bad.

When this person joined the little church I started- I was warned that he was really an ‘undercover sorcerer’ who just joined churches to ruin them.

Okay- I thought maybe the person- who was my age [we were both in our 20’s] was dabbling in bad stuff- but who knows- maybe God had a purpose for him.

Okay- to cut to the short of it.

Over time- one of my friends told me ‘John- you would not believe what so and so is saying about you’.

He started a rumor- that we were gay lovers.

Okay- as you can see- I really did not want to get into this- now.

But- as I was praying this morning- I felt God wanted me to tell it- because in the coming weeks- there's much more to this story than meets the eye.

Okay- at this point- I have no reason to lie about anything- I have already been very open with all.

The fact is- this guy lied.

Now- I have friends who are gay- I know there are very good people who are gay- and I try not to ‘judge’ people.

But- this has never been ‘my thing’.

My temptation has always been the classic one- going back to the garden.

Yes- the simple reality that women are attractive- so that’s it.

Now- the way I dealt with the guy who said we were gay- is I took a mutual friend with me one night and we drove to Manuel’s house.

The friend in the car was the guy Manuel told this to.

His name is Emmet.

I knocked on Manuel's door- and I confronted him about the story.

Emmet was in the car- hearing.

I told Manual ‘Emmet said you told him we were gay lovers- is this true’.

He acted shocked- and of course denied it.

Then Emmet got out- he knew he was busted.

This began a couple of years of an all out assault against me and my family by Manuel.

I worked at the fire house- he sent people to my house [while I was at work] at 2 am to harass my family.

He broke the window of my car while parked at the fire house.

He set fires in abandoned buildings- and when I got there he was watching.

This never stopped..

He had a friend call the fire house and threaten me- I was pissed- I told him to come down right now- I was waiting outside.

The guys at the station knew I was mad- it was funny- they shut all the blinds and stuff- they thought someone was gonna do a drive by!

Had the tries slashed to my car- etc.- etc.

Eventually I moved to Corpus- because of this.

So- as you can see- any false charge does affect me.

Now- to be very clear- I do not see any one in this recent case like this.

 What happened in this case is some girl was indeed offended- and in her way- to get justice- she lied about being flashed.

That’s what happened.

At first I thought the mom knew- but then later was not sure.

I know the girl knows- and her 2 friends.

So yeah- I get it.

What maybe added to ‘the lie’ was the very real fact that I was so drunk that I made a confession to the girl on face book and said- even though I don’t remember- that I’m sorry.

At that point they must have thought ‘wow- this guy does not even know’!

So- trying my best to be honest added to it.

Okay- that’s why I’m really not that mad at the people.

Because my past experience- with the really terrible false charge- makes this look like nothing.


One of the things I want to cover in the coming weeks is unjust scales.

And the biblical teaching on how- at times- justice is not even.

For instance- I think the mom- and girl-  maybe felt like in order to get justice- they needed to make up the charge.

Okay- I actually do see that- for real.

So- while in a normal case maybe the person accused would be very mad- it is after all not a good thing to say- especially when it’s not true.

But- compared to the other situation- I don’t see the accuser’s in this case as bad people at all.


So- maybe this will give everyone some perspective.

In the coming days- I’ll cover a very serious thing that happened these past months- and it is directly related to this whole experience.

There are many verses in the bible that talk about false accusations- and how there is a severe penalty on those who make them.

I knew- from the beginning [because of the above situation] that some of the ‘kids’ in this case did not realize what they were getting into.

That is- there would be a high price to pay- simply because this was being put in ‘Gods court’.

It will take some time over the next few weeks to explain this- but it has to do with Gods desire to purge all of us- yes both those who make false accusations- and those who are falsely charged.

So- over time- hopefully we will get to it.

So- for today- understand that in Gods’ dealings- false accusations carry with them a very high price.

In some cases- like the one that happened years ago- the price is high.

In the recent case- I already know that the people involved had no idea it would be like this- but I did know.

I had past experience with it- I almost felt like ‘no- don’t make a false charge like this- it’s gonna come back and bite you’.

[It looks like charges are already being filed- not by me- on the ‘other side’]

I knew this from day one.

So- to be clear- I do not see these 2 cases as the same.

I see the recent case as good people- yeah- all of those involved.

And that in some type of way to try and get justice- well yes- they made up something that did not happen.

That even the other witnesses- who were the accusers friends- they basically backed up my story.

So yeah- over time- everyone knew the actual charge- the worst charge- was indeed false.

At times- even those in the system that seemed to know the girl made that part up.

They would say things to me like ‘John- the system is not concerned with whether or not you did it- that’s not their job’.


I was shocked.

One investigator told me ‘oh yeah- even if the person goes down to the police station and says she’s sorry- she made it up- they will threaten her to not change her story and tell her if she does they will file a charge against her for making a false report’.

So- along the way- I learned some bad things about ‘the system’.

Okay- that’s it for now.

For you bible studiers- look up what the bible says about false accusation.

It’s vey harsh.

In the end- God’s not vindictive- but he purges us- he puts ‘pressure’ on us- to get us clean.

He does this with everyone in ‘his court’.

He’s not about getting even- or ‘siding’ with one side against the other.

He’s about creating truth in all of us.

That’s the proper perspective.

NOTE- Then why did I plea No Contest?

From the start- I told everyone- even the prosecutors- that I was very drunk- black out drunk.

Yes- I took a huge risk by dropping my lawyer- and telling the prosecutors this.

They could have stacked multiple DUI’s on me- and that could have been  jail time in Texas.

But- I let the chips fall.

But- over time- because of what I explained above- I realized- to my surprise- that yeah- the girl made the flashing charge up.

Who’d a thunk it?

But- the prosecutor- who seemed to believe me- also said ‘how can you defend yourself when you’re admitting you don’t remember half of the event’?

So- that’s the reality.

Yeah- maybe if I lied from the start- the outcome would have been different- but that’s how this turned out.

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