Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today is really my first day back- real time [I’m posting this right after I write it].

I have been journaling for the past 3 months- but that’s a little different.

Okay- out of all the news events- Boston marathon bombing- Ricin letters [by the way- last I saw they seem to have arrested the wrong guy].

Out of these events- a smaller one stands out in my mind.

The handling of the debt crisis in Cyprus.

A few weeks back Cyprus- one of the very small states that’s involved with the E.U. debt crisis- did a surprising move and simply confiscated the money of private citizens from the banks and used that to pay off debt.

Now- they took what was over and above there form of FDIC insurance for the depositors.

In essence- they looted the accounts of their customers.

Now- this simply shows us how bad the EU debt crisis is- and that things have not actually improved- but gotten worse.

So- how has the global market reacted?

This is what’s funny [or sad?] it seems as if some are in denial- while others are simply hedging their bets.

There is a huge amount of money in the system [what we look at when the dow goes up- or down] that simply is looking at the numbers- sort of like a bookie would look at the odds on a game.

Some of this money is simply there because- for various reasons- they think more money might be coming into the system.

That is some investors are not investing because they think the global market is sound- some invest because they think the situation is so bad that it merits a bailout.

I read an article on Egypt- how Morsi [the president] believes that the western nations will bail him out- give him loans that are above what they should get- and he believes this because he thinks they are ‘too big to fail’.

That is- he is expecting the loan not because they are stable- Egypt used to have a good economy- but since the ‘revolution’ it has been a real mess.

So- as a direct result of their Arab Spring- they need much more cash than before.

And Morsi thinks they will get it- even though- economically they probably don’t deserve it [not to mention some real ideological problems with the new leadership- like very anti Semitic statements that the leader holds to].

So- overall- we are in April of 2013- and the European debt crisis is not over- but probably getting worse.

These last few months I have been reading more of the gospels- and have cut down on the news a lot.

I still read the headlines- and catch a few news shows- but not nearly as much as before.

I was what you would consider a news addict- for real.

So- I have focused more on the gospels and less on world events [though they are still very much a part of what we are called to impact as the church].

As I finished the gospel of Luke the other week- I noticed a verse that I have read many times before.

But it hit me in a new way.

It says ‘all things that were written had to be fulfilled- in the Law and the Psalms and the Prophets’.

It’s talking about all the Messianic portions of the Old testament- the bible passages that speak about Christ.

Then of course he enters into the final stages of his earthly life- and is Crucified.

Over the years- as a bible reader- I noticed how lots of us tend to gravitate towards the ‘flashier’ parts of the bible.

I have many Psalms and Prophets that I quote from- there are portions of Isaiah [what would be called ‘the prophets’] that I have memorized for years.

I am reading thru the Psalms right now- they are great stuff.

But when I read the above verse- which was said by Christ himself- he said ‘ALL THINGS’ had to be fulfilled- not just the ‘flashy’ portions of scripture [Psalms- Prophets].

But the hard stuff too- Law.

Then at the crucifixion scene- he’s on this Cross- this place of public humiliation- and the people watching are sort of in shock.

He has become what the scripture said ‘a stone that the builders rejected’.

His friends have gone- his poor mom is seeing all this play out- and the others are there- almost to see what else could go wrong with him.

Then- in the middle of it all- don’t forget his family earlier thought he was ‘beside himself’ he looks up to God- and he makes a few statements.

He asks ‘why did you leave me’.

He says ‘father- forgive the ones who hate me- and want me gone- they don’t know what they do’.

Then- as the Roman gaurd looks on- he says ‘into your hands I commit my Spirit’.

And in Old King James language- he ‘gave up the ghost’- that is- he died.

As I read this account recently- and the statement from Christ about all things being fulfilled.

I saw what Jesus was saying ‘look- I have been with you for 3 years- doing ministry- teaching you stuff- how to forgive- don’t hold grudges- carry your Cross every day’.

Then- HE DID IT- he showed them how to ‘die well’.

Yeah- all things had to be fulfilled- all things had to be modeled.

He had to demonstrate- in real time- what he taught them.

Oh- now I get it- I really do.

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