Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Jack n Jill went down the ….

Actually- Obama and Boehner went over the cliff ….

Yeah- last night the Dems in the senate passed a compromise of sorts.

But- we did actually do the ‘cliff’ thing- the house has not passed it yet- but it’s not as bad as the media made it sound.

I fell asleep early and didn’t catch the whole scoop- but from what I saw it looks like they are gonna raise taxes on those who make over 400 grand a year and try and settle the rest later.

It really was just kicking the ball down the road- and letting the president get some of what he wanted- though those on the hard left- and right- are not happy.

Okay- the past few weeks as I have been doing the halfway house with my friend John David- I have been kind of teaching a chapter of the bible each week to the guys.

It is funny how every chapter I read for the week seems to have some type of personal ‘word’ for what we are doing  with the house.

For instance- a couple of weeks ago the chapter was Jeremiah 33.

I told the guys the other day that I felt it was no coincidence that a lot of the guys we are working with at the halfway house are all relatives of David.

John David was a long time addict in the area where I live- he has 5 or 6 generations all living right around me.

I helped his brother's [Andy] granddaughter the other day- her name is Kayla.

Plus- she has a cute 2 year old- so I see her every now and then.

At the house- we have Little Charlie- Big Charlie- John Boy and Andy.

All related to John David- minus John Boy.

So- I felt like it was a family thing as well as an open ‘house’ for others.

So- Jeremiah 33 speaks about the promises of God to ‘David and his house/family’.

It says there will never fail to be a family member who will be a part of ‘this house’.

Now- the promises are actually speaking about the Davidic covenant/promise that God made to the great Jewish king- King David.

These promises play a very important role in the history of salvation.

I wrote on this a couple of posts back- basically God promised king David that he would set a Son upon David’s throne- and this Son would hold the position ‘forever’.

The Apostles in the book of Acts saw this promise as being fulfilled thru the death and ascension of Christ to the right hand of God.

So- that’s what the chapter in Jeremiah is actually speaking about.

But I also felt like the Lord was giving us confirmation about what we were doing as well.


It is important- very important- to make this distinction.

When people begin ‘seeing’ themselves as the actual fulfillment of some bible promise- like the prophet Jeremiah was actually- in context- speaking about them- then that’s not good.

David Koresh- right up the road from me in Waco- made this tragic mistake- and we have all seen the end result.

Koresh believed he was the fulfillment of verses found in Revelation- he took his new name- Koresh- from an actual figure in the Old Testament [king Cyrus].

When people go down that road- it’s not good.

But- to apply stuff like the way I was doing Jeremiah 33- I think is okay.

Now- when I shared this chapter with John David- I told him a funny thing happened when I read it.

All the promises to David and his family being involved with ‘the house’.

 Well- in my bible- it does not say David.

It says ‘John David’.


John- are you going Koresh on us?


I told David about a year ago I heard a preacher say ‘this year- start personalizing the promises in the bible- write your name in the spot when a promise is made to someone else’.

So- I did that for about a week and quit.

But- it just so happened that this chapter was converted to say ‘John David’.

Yeah- I simply wrote my name over ‘David’ and all the promises were to ‘John David’.

Okay- was going to teach a little more about these promises and how they are spoken about in Acts chapter 15- the first church council.

Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

For now- just hold tight- we have to finish repelling down the cliff.

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