Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Let’s do a little from Daniel chapter 12.

That was the chapter for this past week.

These chapters in the Old Testament prophets are very familiar with the End Times teachers.

In Theology we call this Eschatology- the study of End Times.

But what I want to do is give you a few simple principles.

Daniel is receiving a message from God/angels.

He hears that God is going to do a great work with his people- but this work takes place in the middle of great trouble [often called the time of Jacobs Trouble- or the Tribulation].

God communicates that his people will be scattered- a ruler will come against them- and yet- this is the time they will inherit the promises God made to them.

The chapter ends by saying those who endure to the final days- they will ‘stand in their lot at the end of their days- and rest’.

The ‘end of days’ phrase- used by Jesus in the gospels- can be a tricky phrase.

How so?

In the New Testament when we read that certain things will happen- and the ‘end of the world’ comes.

The actual term in Greek says ‘the end of the age’.

This can refer to a specific time period coming to an end.

For instance- one of the great themes of the bible is the New and Everlasting covenant of the Blood of Jesus.

Yes- Christians celebrate and remember this covenant every Sunday in church.

The Eucharist/communion is the central mode of worship in many Christian churches of our day.

In biblical terms- we are already in a ‘new age’.

So- in some ways the ‘old world’ has passed away- and the new one has come.

Okay- applying this to Daniel- God says in the ‘end of days’ we shall stand in our lot [fulfill our purpose in life] and this will happen during a time of great trouble- like never before.

As we say ‘can I get an amen’?

So- in life- we have a calling from God- a purpose for being on the planet.

Thru out the journey there are ups and downs- but those who ‘endure to the end [outcome]’ will ‘be saved’- or fulfill the purpose at the end.

Got it?

Okay- just a few notes.

The last week or so I have been helping my friend establish a halfway house.

I have been working with some new guys- guys form the other part of town- yet they are brothers just like the guys where I live.

I mentioned Little Charlie the other day- he’s a young kid- has had his problems with drugs- and is living at the halfway house.

I brought a bunch of furniture and stuff over the last few weeks.

I like it- it already has some of my favorite nick knacks hanging on the walls.

I spent some time with the guys this past Sunday- I took them to a street church that my friend pastors [see all the pictures of the tent he sets up- I posted them on Facebook].

His name is Rey Escalante- he’s a good friend of mine- he works with the same street guys I work with.

I took the halfway house crew to his service this Sunday- we had a good time.

Rey feeds everyone a Sunday dinner too.

I had a good talk with Bryan.

Bryan is one of the guys at the house- he’s 46- I was surprised- he looks much younger.

He told me ‘John- I’m Catholic’.

I guess he has had various ‘preachers’ jump on him about that over the years- you could tell by the way he said it.

I told him that’s fine- I have Catholic friends [over the years even a few priests] who have read my blog.

So- I do get along well with my Catholic friends.

Bryan has been in Corpus for about a year.

He is a drug addict.

He works in construction- and looks to be a hard worker [some of the guys do work hard- there are different types of guys who struggle with addiction- and believe me- some are hard workers].

Bryan strikes me that way.

As we were heading to church this Sunday- he found out that his Jeep finally got repossessed.

He was behind 3 months on the payments and his friend was holding it for him.

Sure enough- they found it.

Bryan told me he was glad in a way.

That years ago- something like this would really get him upset.

You know- having to get with the dealership and try to get his tools and stuff back.

Yeah- this has happened to him before.

But this time- he has learned how to deal with it in a better way.

He can now focus more on his recovery- and less on the Jeep.

I had a good day with the guys- this type of ministry is really more like a brotherhood.

After we left the church meeting at Church Without Walls- we came back to the house for a couple of hours- by this time I picked up a few other guys- we had a house/yard full [Huey crashed out in the ‘homeless room’ I fixed up a few months ago- It’s just ‘their room’ type of thing].

Henry crashed on the couch- watching his favorite show- ESPN.

And the rest of us hung out in my yard- I cooked some hot dogs on the grill and we just laid back.

Bryan even took a short nap in my Hammock.

All in all we had a good day.

Yeah- like the prophet said- in the end times there will be trouble- yet- those who endure to the end- they will inherit all that God has for them.

In a way- I see God doing this with all these guys.

I took a ride with John David the other day.

John David is the older brother who actually started the Halfway House- I’m just helping him with it.

As we were driving- getting the rooms fixed up- he was so excited.

He was saying ‘thank you God for making all this happen- it’s happening all around us’.

John was a big time addict for many years- I know John- and his brothers- from the streets.

He almost died a couple months back [had the open heart surgery- had to be shocked with the paddles].

He has had quite the life.

And now- after all the troubles- he is ‘standing in his lot at the end of his days’.

Yeah- I thank God for my buddies- seeing them come full circle.

They stuck it out- in very tough times- may God bless them all.

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