Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I debated whether or not to address this today.

I thought of maybe just doing a prayer request for all of our friend’s in N.J. - the devastation is beyond what anybody would have thought.

I find it strange that I was just in Jersey- rode the subway for the first time in 25 years- and now I see the tunnels flooded.

As I drove into the state- I passed some of the shore points- and was going to stop and see some of the old spots I loved as a kid.

One of my favorites was Seaside Heights- now the area is devastated.

So- we do need to pray for all of our friends in the region- and help in any way we can.

Now- the tough stuff.

As a news/political watcher- I saw the president do something that was a crass political move.

He did it because he knew that most people would not know he was doing it- during the deaths of people- but he wanted his ‘target’ audience to respond.

What did he do?

In one of the first speeches about the hurricane- he said ‘I am directing all the aid agencies to LEAN FORWARD’.

About 6 months or so this term LEAN FORWARD became the new campaign theme for the Obama team.

Yeah- maybe 5 % of the public know this- but everyone in politics knows it.

Now- at the same time MSNBC took the phrase LEAN FORWARD as their own sort of cheer for the president.

None of this is a secret- it was an open type thing.

Okay- when the president used the term- he knew it would be heard by the Repubs/Romney folk- and he wanted them to tell you what I just did- that he indeed followed the advice of his former White House chief of staff ‘let no disaster go to waste’.

Rahm Emanuel said you should use a disaster- when people die- to your political gain.

So- he dropped this statement in- trying to elicit a response from the opponent- and then MSNBC would jump into lap dog mode and say ‘how dare he accuse the president of politics!!’

Of course they would have to take a break from their present mantra ‘all who don’t like the president are racists’.

I at first did not think Obama would do things like this- I did like the man at the start.

But- I have seen him do this- more than once.

When the Pres gave the order to get Bin laden- no one knew it till after the State of the Union address- it made him look big in the eyes of many- because the scene of the Repubs giving a response to the Pres- while he was ‘getting the bad man’ simply gives political points to the ‘good man’.

Got it?

Now- he did no other action like this- until the next year- during the next state of the union address.

Yeah- he waited a whole year- and in the next state of the union he sent in U.S. troops to go after Joe Kony- a radical leader of a group in Africa.

He gave the order to go- on the same exact night of the state of the union.

The man we went after has been operating for many years- as a matter of fact his influence had waned over the past few years.

But- he was trying to get a response from the opposing side- the Repubs- and they did not take the bait.

Finally- after a week or 2 of no criticism from the right- I heard a liberal reporter slip and say ‘all you bad guys- watch out- the president only comes after you during his state of the union speeches’.


Now- like I said at the start- why would he have used this term LEAN FORWARD- knowing for sure that the insiders would know that he was connecting his political goals with the hurricane?

He did it because he knew that if anyone had the ‘audacity’ [of hope?] To tell you what I just did- then they would pounce like there was no tomorrow.

Then why did I just say it?

I said it because what he did was simply wrong- he has a tendency to throw out bait like this- in situations where people are/have died- and he does it for political advantage- that’s why.

And he played the odds- sure- maybe a small percentage of political folk knew that he actually made the phrase LEAN FORWARD- his campaign mantra- but he figures ‘to heck with them’ that is those who know what he did- he’ll just write them off- and throw out the bait because he wants the Romney folk to tell you what I just told you.


Sad that any president would do this- while people are dying.

Sad that he was waiting for someone to tell you this- so he and his media advocates could say ‘how dare any one even think this’.

But most of all- it’s sad that this is true- and you can take that to the bank.

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