Sunday, September 30, 2012


Maybe I will do a little update tonight.

About a week ago I embarked on an unplanned road trip.

For a while now I have seen lots of my street friends live in their vans and stuff- and I always wanted to give it a shot.

Now- I’m cheating a bit- by staying at my mom’s house for a few nights- but on the road- I lived in the van.

It’s not that hard to be honest- the rest stops on the interstates are great- clean- and safe.

I was kidding my buddy earlier- I told him that the drive [from TX. To N.J.] was great- cheap.

But as soon as I hit Jersey- the toll system cost me more cash [around 30] and time [geez- having to stop multiple times- before getting off!] than the entire trip combined!

But all in all it was an okay drive.

I was detoured just outside of Little Rock- Ark.

I blew a fan belt- it was so loud I thought the transmission fell out!

I realized it was the belt- and had to drive to the closest exit and get off.

I wound up in a small rural town named Parkin.

To my surprise the town shop was able to get the parts and install them- at half the cost that pep- boys charged in the past![this water pump has a history].

As I spent half the day in Parkin- I walked around- took some pics- and made the best of it.

As I ‘interviewed’ my mechanic- I asked him what the town was like.

He was a young- White kid.

He said ‘It’s nice here- but the NIGGERS ARE NIGGERS.’


I then walked around- and talked to the Black people in the area.

They were real nice.

I picked up the Arkansas paper.

The top story was the local hero- who looked just like one of Jeff Foxworthy’s Red Neck’s.

He was on the front page because he made his annual trip to NYC to protest the Iranian president.

Yeah- he started making this his cause about 10 years ago.

This time- as he was standing outside the U.N.- he saw the Iranian security guys walking right by him.

They were protecting some top diplomat- and the Arkansan thru a punch- and hit the guy!

As I read this story- while ‘parked’ in Parkin- I had to laugh.

The guy said ‘as they walked by- I thought the guy was Ahmidinejab’.

Yeah- he was proud- grinning ear to ear.

They asked him how he got involved with this cause- he has an on-line web site and he leads a group who regularly protest the Iranian leaders desire for Nukes.

He told the reporter that his wife died of cancer about 10 years ago- and he needed something to keep his mind occupied.

Yeah- Foxworthy would have loved it.

All in all my day [half day] was well spent- lessons learned- prejudice revealed- and hospitality shown to me- by a nice Black owner of the local beauty salon [her name was Shea].

Yeah- I learned some stuff in while parked- in Parkin.

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