Thursday, September 27, 2012


Let’s pick up a little from the last post or 2.

The other day at the mission I had an old friend- who I haven’t talked to in a while- just show up.

We hung out for a little while- and he told me how ‘so and so’ burned him real bad.

Burned- he ‘screwed him over’ type of thing.

I heard the story- and of course I was mad at the other friend.

Yet- my other friend was not around- so I tried to let it drop.

But- to be honest- it bothered me for a couple of days.

Then I saw his girlfriend- and she did the same thing.

Now- at one point I actually laughed- because my friend- who I have known for 20 years- is what you would call a classic case of being Homophobic.

That is- whenever he has a problem with someone- he most of the time accuses them of either being gay- or- a homosexual/lesbian prostitute [as in if the simple accusation of prostitute isn’t enough].

Now- because I know this friend well- I take it with a grain of salt.

But- I did tell my wife a few days ago ‘you know my friend ‘so and so’ I mean he has the classic case of Homophobia.’

He just had an argument with his girlfriend- and sure enough- he tells me he thinks she’s hiding something- he thinks she might be a secret lesbian prostitute.

So- as I’m talking to his girlfriend- without revealing the accusation- she tells me ‘you know John- he is totally gay- he is a repressed homosexual- he does not know how to please a woman…’

On and on- about him being a closet homosexual.

Now- first off- I have gay friends- I help gay friends- so this post is not about being gay.

But I laughed because my 2 friends- who both have issues- also resort to this accusation- about one another.

I told my friend one day that years ago- as kids [maybe 16?] me and a friend were going to do a stupid thing.

We went to the local park late at night [Hudson County Park to my friends from N.J.]

And we were going to rob and beat up a gay person.

We recruited a local drunk from the area- he was about 30 years old.

We told him the plan- and we went.

We never carried it out- though my other friend did just get out of prison in N.J. - for another very serious crime.

Yet I told it to my friend because he was bringing up past attitudes about gay people and for some reason this came up.

He tells me years later ‘John- you might be a repressed homosexual- because you told me you guys tried to mug a gay guy’.

So- that’s my friend.

Purpose- lesson?

In reality some of the street guys are indeed male prostitutes.

Many are addicted to drugs- and they do make money this way.

I don’t see them in that light- one of the guys has been with us these past few weeks- and we have had discussions about the Lord and he was with us when we prayed for my friend in the hospital- so he was around us the whole time.

Which I felt was good for him- to spend the day doing things that were positive.

Even though I had to laugh when my friend’s girlfriend dropped the accusation- during the talk she also shared about her experiences.

How she was not looking for a relationship- she is an older lady- and a Christian.

But she met my friend- she thought he was a good looking guy- and one thing lead to the next.

I told her ‘gee- I would like to agree with you that so and so is a good looking guy- but the way you guys throw around the ‘gay male prostitute’ thing- I better not say anything.’

I was tempted to ‘disown’ my buddy for a few days- you know- having various people all volunteer to tell me bad stuff about him.

But instead I chose to brush it off- maybe some accusations are true- maybe not.

I don’t know all the facts about each person’s situation.

But I’m glad I shrugged it off- because it was the same week that I was told that this friend sees me as his mentor- that he can’t stop saying good things about me- which I had no idea he looked up to me that much.

He is about 5 years older than me- and he often speaks bad about brother Rey- a street preacher who helps the poor.

So- all in all- I’m glad I stuck with him.

Hopefully I’ll see him today- he was stranded last week- and I’m not sure if he made it back to town.

Pray for people- I know a few of the guys do resort to bad stuff when they need cash.

Some of the girls are indeed prostitutes- they don’t hide it- many of them are real friends- they are nice people- who are involved with lifestyles that are not good- lifestyles they do need to change- I make no excuses about that.

But do your best to not let what others might say effect you- it would have been bad if I ‘dumped’ my buddy because of what I heard- and later found out that he held me in high esteem.

It would have hurt him.

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