Friday, September 21, 2012


Posted a few pics from our visit with John David yesterday.

He’s doing better- but they wanted to re open him up- and do another procedure [heart].

He prayed about it- and wants to avoid going under the knife again.

I was at the mission during the day- and I saw David’s brothers- Huey and Andy.

They wanted a ride to the hospital to see their brother- I was more than happy to take them.

I do want to stay in touch with David- and do the halfway house thing with him.

But- as we were at the mission- sure enough someone called the cops.


We didn’t know.

So a couple of cars came down- and they were looking for some guys.

Huey just took off- told us to pick him up around the block.

Then we [I] put 2 and 2 together- it seems like he was going to sell some drugs to another guy- and somehow they must have been heard by the mission people.

That’s what is seemed like to us.

So I told Andy ‘look- I told your brother the other day [Huey] not to be carrying stuff with him when he’s in my vehicle’.

I was mad that he ruined his chance to visit his brother- he did get prepared to see him [he was cleaned up this day].

So- we saw Huey a few blocks away- he tried to get in my van- I told him forget it- you got the cops chasing you- your in all types of trouble- we don’t need that.

We left him there.

So- we went and visited David.

I met Jackie there for the second time.

That’s John David’s girl.

They told me the story how they met.

Jackie was living in another state and she saw John David being interviewed on CNN.

Yeah- he told me about this a couple of years ago.

He started his first half way house at his sons apt- and somehow the word got out- and CNN did a nice story about it.

So- Jackie- a drug addict [who still struggles] saw it and said ‘If I can get to this home- he can help me’.

So- she made it to Texas and knocked on the door.

John David had no home for girls- but he took her in.

They became a couple- and that’s how they met.

His son eventually lost the apartment they were using [it actually was a facility that was already set up like a halfway house- what a ‘coincidence’.]

And since then John David has been looking for another house.

But- he needed the heart surgery for a while- and he figured he’d finally get it out of the way.

All in all we had a good day- I had John [my new friend with the little dog] - Henry- Andy with me for the day.

We came back to the house and had a good fellowship time.

Let me mention a little news as we end the week.

The other day I caught the world ‘news’ on all 3 stations [abc- nbc- cbs].

The top story on all 3 staions was the Romney ‘hidden’ video.

Okay- I saw the stupid thing when it first came out.

Big story?

Not really.

A story?

I guess it should have been a one day thing- I mean you have these silly things pop up on both sides.

You had the Obama thing a couple of years back ‘clinging to their God and guns’.

So- they all do this.

But- it was maybe 4-5 days later- and the world news- all 3 stations- had this as the top news story- well- of ‘the world’.

I couldn’t believe it.

So- I channel surfed some cable shows- and came back to the main news.

They still had the video of Romney- parsing each word he said- showing the video with the captions- 9 to 10 minutes into the top news story.

I mean this is so bad- it is not even funny anymore.

‘John- what’s wrong with this?

Well- a story like this should be a one- maybe 2 day thing.

And it should have never been top coverage- on a very busy news week.

What should the top story have been?

Regardless of who you back [Romney- Obama].

The top story should have been the fact that the Libyan govt. has come out and publicly said they warned the U.S. that they can’t provide security for the embassy in Benghazi.

You basically have [had] a public disagreement between the White House and the Libyan president.

And by all accounts- it looks like the Libyan guy was telling the truth.

Now- politics aside- this is very important.

Did the U.S. [whether Obama- Bush- Clinton- anyone in charge] drop the ball on the protecting of our ambassador in Libya?

And- the top story of the protests breaking out in the Arab world- against the U.S.

Okay- the news did of course cover this- but when you have real hard news like this- then you don’t run a 10 minute top story about a stupid hidden gaff from anyone- Romney- Obama- anyone.

And of course the other ‘top story’ was the topless pics of Kate Middleton- I mean on the world news?

This is not world news- maybe Enquirer type stuff- but not world news- that deserved coverage on all the news channels- as a top news story.

These examples shows you how bankrupt our media has become.

I do watch/listen to both sides [right/left] and frankly both sides of the aisle do this.

I told my friend the other day- I hear the radio guys every week- and because I comment about stuff like this I try and hear as many as I can [Rush- Hannity- etc.]

Sometimes I catch the whole show- 3 hours.

But there are times where for 3 hours- all you get is a constant drumbeat of anti Obama.

Okay- I have criticized the guy- lots.

But if you have no constructive thing to say- for 3 hours- then what are you accomplishing?

So- that’s the scoop.

I’ll try and add a few notes to last night’s pics- and hope you guys have a good weekend.

Please continue to for John David- he looked much better yesterday- but he needs prayer- thanks so much.


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