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I was tempted to post a quick note last night- but I thought it better to wait for today.

As I was watching the various news shows- I caught an interview with some lady who just wrote a piece [for some magazine] that said the Fast and Furious scandal- was not a scandal at all.

She did a 6 month investigation- and lo and behold- there was never any ‘gun walking’.


Yeah- instead she talked about the real reasons these guns were in the hands of Mexican drug lords.

Go on- I’m hearing you sister.

She explained that many of our law enforcement guys have tried to get the guns off the streets- but because of the Republican [and NRA] loose gun laws- that to their dismay- they cant stop the drug runners from purchasing the guns.

Oh- I see now.

O yeah- one last thing- she said there was ONE case where she did find a Gun walking activity.

It was the single Whistle Blower [Dodson?] who did this.

As the woman made the rounds [I saw her on CNN] the ‘new’ story was that both the Repubs- as well as their cohorts in crime- the actual whistle blowers- that these were the ones who were blaming Holder [because he is Black?] while all the while Holder and his people are really innocent- after all- they never sold guns!

Now- I was really mad when I saw this latest story.


This last year- as I actually watched some of the congressional hearings- and read lots of sources and stuff.

The REAL STORY is there were guys working for the ATF and other law enforcement agencies- and these guys complained- for a couple of years- that the Gun walking program was a very dangerous and real program- even Holder has said this.

Now- these were the actual guys doing the ground work- of course they were the ‘gun walkers’ they worked for the govt.

So- after complaining about it for a while- nothing was done.

Eventually the story made it to the news- and the govt. [Holder] denied it.

At that point- some of the guys involved risked their careers- because they knew the govt. was lying- and they went public and said ‘look- I am one of the guys who actually bought and sold the guns’.

So- instead of demonizing these guys- like the lady making the rounds on MSNBC and CNN- we should be thanking them for what they did.

Quite frankly- this is about as low as it gets- they were actually saying ‘Holder never walked guns- but these darn whistle blowers- who are making the charge- they are guilty!’

Sad- so sad.

One other charge came out- it was initially made by those on the Right- and now it’s used by those on the left [as a counter charge].

When I first heard this charge- by some on the Right- I was mad.

I was mad because I knew the charge was false- and I could not believe that some were actually falling for it.

The charge?

Some have said that the Fast and Furious program was designed- on purpose- to get guns into the hands of drug lords [actually- this part is true- they wanted the top guys to get the guns- then they thought they could catch the big boys.  The goal was noble- the way they went about it was stupid].

But some have said Obama purposefully wanted the gun crime to go up- so in the end he could blame the loose gun laws [NRA folk] and pass stricter gun laws.

Now- I have heard this by some radicals on the right- and this is not true.

Then why is the charge gaining ground?

Because- in the mess of this whole thing- there was indeed some memo that slipped out- by the Dems- that did say ‘if this gets out of hand- and you are asked about the program- turn the conversation into one that says ‘see- we need stricter gun laws’.

Yes- the Dems did say this- and indeed do this.

As I watched the news over the months- whenever a Dem was asked about the scandal- he/she said ‘well- it’s because we need better gun laws’.

Is the scandal about this?


Is it about some whistle blower who is guilty- while Holder is innocent?

No [Holder- and the ATF big wigs were in charge- they bare the blame for the peons at the bottom that they ordered to do this].

The whole scandal- is simply the fact that the Justice Dept. - under Holder- at first denied the program- then later admitted it.

 He now will not release the other papers that probably show that they were indeed trying to cover their tracks after the story broke.

That’s it.

Congress will vote today on contempt charges- and Holder will probably be the first Attorney General of the U.S. to be held in contempt.

This week I have been reading the story of John the Baptist.

John was an interesting guy.

The bible says he was filled with the Holy Spirit ‘from his mother’s womb’.

The prophets Isaiah and Malachi spoke of John ‘before the great day of the Lord I will send Elijah the prophet and he will restore the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers’ Malachi chapter 4.

Isaiah said ‘I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness- prepare ye the way of the Lord’.

John was the fulfillment of these prophecies.

One time the people came to Jesus and he asked them ‘what did you go out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind- or someone dressed in expensive clothes?’

No- you went to see a prophet- and I tell you- more than a prophet.

For this is he of whom the prophets spake [above].

Then Jesus says something kinda strange- he says ‘I tell you- of all that are born of women- there has not been a greater than John the Baptist- but he that is LEAST IN THE KINGDOM  is greater than he’.

Over the years I have heard various takes on this- most say that Jesus was saying that even the ‘least’ in the new church age- the Born Again Christian- is greater than the greatest of the Old age [Law].


But I like this interpretation the best.

Jesus often spoke about himself in the 3rd person ‘for God so loved the world that he gave his only Son’.

Maybe Jesus was really saying ‘he that is least [himself] is greater than John’.

Jesus spoke about the smallest of seeds falling into the ground and dying- then later it becomes the greatest tree.

He said this about faith- about Gods kingdom- and also about himself.

‘Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die- it abideth alone- but if it dies it will bring forth much fruit’ [John’s gospel].

Jesus was the ‘least among men’ that is- he gave up his glory- his position with the Father and became a man and humbled himself unto the death of the Cross.

Because of this God raised him up and seated him at his own right hand in glory.

Jesus was [is] greater than John- yet John was up there on the charts.

John was- in a way- a Whistle Blower- he revealed the secrets of men.

The thing that got John killed was his preaching against corrupt leadership.

He said ‘Herod- you snake- you have your brother’s wife- and its wrong!’

One day Herod had a party [he was the puppet king that ruled the Jewish region of the Roman Empire].

And Herod's daughter in law danced for the king.

Herod was struck ‘I'll give you anything honey- up to the half of my kingdom’.

 The mother says ‘ask him for the head of John the Baptist’.

Yeah- the wife got tired of John’s whistle blowing- and John lot his head over the thing.

Today congress votes on Holder- also the Supreme Court will rule on Obama Care.

Both sides have all the reasons why they are right- and the other guys wrong.

Lets agree on one thing- let’s not blame the messenger- the guys at the bottom who were ordered to do these things- they risked their lives and careers in revealing the program- because they were good guys not bad.

Yeah- the least- the small seeds- these are the valuable ones.

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