Thursday, May 31, 2012


I want to try and do some spiritual stuff- but I have a few news things first.

Okay- the headline read ‘Beiber wanted for questioning’.


The story was short- and sweet.

Some paparazzi called 911 and quote ‘complained of being roughed up by the pop star’.

2 things.

Is the actually possible?


Why would anybody ever admit this?

Okay- more important stuff.

A while back I wrote a post on the train debacle in Cali.

Yeah- the President wants to sink billions of dollars into High Speed rail.

This was one of his main ideas to produce jobs.

You hear the same mantra on MSNBC- day in and day out.

They keep talking about spending billions on schools [buildings] bridges- ‘shovel ready’ jobs.

And after 3 years- we have thrown billions of dollars down the drain.

So last night I caught an expose on CNN.

Cooper did a good job critiquing the latest fiasco in California.

Now- you must understand Cali is dead broke- billions in the hole- cutting everything from school funding to cops and firefighters.

Yet they are still determined to go forward with the high speed rail thing.

Cooper detailed how the state has struggled to keep the vision alive.

The guy in charge of the project- to build the fast trains- came out recently and changed the entire route.

The new route goes thru a number of different cities- the train goes much slower- and it will now make stops at more cities.
The initial idea of ‘high speed’ meant the train would not stop a lot- it would go- well- fast- and it would service this ‘need’ to transport folk who for some reason disdain cars.

But now- it’s simply a train- a regular good ole U.S. of A Amtrak vehicle.

O- I forgot- the initial cost for the whole project was around 30 billion.

Obama has already given the state 4 billion [money we don’t have for ‘stuff’ like this].

But the new price is now around 130 billion.

By all estimates- California will never finish this project.

They already passed some type of bond money- but to get the voters to approve 130 billion- to put in a regular train- which no one will really ride- this will never happen.

And to do this when you’re cutting Medicare- food stamps- schools- I mean the people will never approve the rest of the money.

So what is the state determined to do?

The guy in charge says they are going to spend the 4 billion- no matter what- on the first part of the project.

The ‘foundational’ section will cost 4 billion- it will simply be rail track going from one town to another.

It’s supposed to be ‘high speed’ so this track is expensive.

It will take around 15 years to finish.

And there will be no train- no depot- nothing- but a stretch of track sitting in the middle of nowhere- costing the taxpayer 4 billion.

Okay- this is what you call waste- inexperience- bad vision.

These are the types of things that people in the real world don’t do.

But if you mean well- have some distorted idea that you can convert the nation- in a few years- to a solar energy world.

If you think building these trains all over the country is going to be the answer to lost jobs.

Then you are a well meaning guy- but you do not have the experience for the job.

One last example.

Last year the President went to Brazil.

By the way- Brazil just passed Cali as the worlds 8th biggest economy.

While there he guaranteed U.S. taxpayer money to Brazil’s national oil company.

For what?

So they can drill all types of new oil rigs- off shore.

Why did we give them U.S. money for this?

Because the President said if they can really develop their oil production we will buy lots of oil from them- at a high rate.

There was no deal to get the oil cheap.

Okay- at the same time Texas [as well as other oil producing states] has gone thru the ringer trying to survive at a time when the federal govt. has come down hard to stop new oil production in the U.S.

Many in the oil field have lost jobs because of the very ‘environmentalist’ agenda of the President.

The guy who was in charge of our area- recently was fired [or quit] because he was caught making the famous ‘crucify them’ statement.

He was the Presidents man overseeing our region for the E.P.A.

He said their tactic was to go into areas in the south- find certain oil producing companies that have any types of violations- and ‘crucify’ them.

I recently read an article from a former commerce guy in the town I retired from [Kingsville].

He wrote a piece in the paper after the ‘crucify’ them guy was let go.

He said for the last 3 years this guy has done everything possible to kill jobs in the state.

He gave examples of how Obama used this guy to virtually attack the oil industry in Texas.

Now- at the same time we gave loan guarantees to Brazil to ‘drill baby drill’.

This was federal tax money- that many of the oil people paid into the system.

Does this make any sense to you?

About as much sense as calling 911 and saying ‘Beiber roughed me up’

Amen [I told you I would try and get something spiritual in- this was the best I could do].

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