Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well it’s been a long Memorial Day weekend.

Late Friday one of the big banks of Spain asked for a 40 billion dollar bailout.

Bankia is strapped with billions of dollars of failed mortgages- and the S and P downgraded them to junk status.

Spain- like many of the other European nations- is in big trouble.

There unemployment rate is 25 %.


Yesterday the Dow closed over 12,500.

There was a mini surge in the market.


The Dow is funny- it is not always an indicator of how well the economy is doing.

For example- the jobs numbers for April came out- late Friday [we try to release bad news on Fridays- after the markets close- so people have to sit and wait until Monday [or Tuesday] before they can respond.]

Yeah- the numbers were not good- total jobs for the month were around 115,000.

So- this makes investors think ‘geez- the economy is in trouble- maybe the Fed. will print more money’.

And the big investors will add that into to their calculations- and Walla- the Dow goes up.

As we hit the middle of the year- after 3 months of bad jobs numbers [they need to be around 250,000 a month] it sure looks like we are not recovering well from the Great Recession.


Yes- once again it made headlines.

There were reports of lots of civilians killed again.

Many of them kids.

Assad [the leader] denied it was his men.

The killers were indeed militia men- in uniform- not standard govt. fighters.

But it seems as if they are working for Assad.

Russia at first questioned it- they are strong supports of Assad.

They thought maybe it was Al Qaida- who are operating in the country.

They bombed a military hospital a few weeks back and killed civilians.

But Russia seems like they might be changing their tune a little- they are also speaking out more forcefully against Assad.

I watched Tom Freidman on the Charlie Rose show.

Freidman is a writer for the N.Y. Times- he’s usually right on.

He’s calling for a No Fly Zone in Syria.

I must ask these guys ‘what do you mean’?

Assad is not using planes to attack the rebels- just like Gadhaffi in Libya.

So what would a true no fly zone accomplish?

The term ‘no fly zone’ has come to mean ‘we will go in to your country- under the guise of NATO- but the U.S. will pay for most of it- do most of it- and we will bomb the hell out of your leader’.

Oh- then after were done- Al-Qaida- or any radical Islamist group- will rule the land.

So- because of our action in Libya- this is the new definition of a no fly zone.

I don’t want to sound like I support Assad- I don’t- but this strategy has failed.

In Egypt- where we forced the leader to step down [Mubarak].

They just had their election- and it’s a runoff between a former govt. man and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The president has supported the Muslim Brotherhood [our president!]

He had them at the White House a few weeks back.

This gave them an aura of support from the West- for a U.S. president to invite one of the groups of an upcoming election to have a personal sit down in the White House is showing favoritism.

So the actual protestors who gave their lives in Tahrir square- their voices are not being heard.

The moderate candidates did not win.

The Muslim Brotherhood might not be as bad as Al-Qaida [Might!] but they do advocate for Shariah law.

Egypt was not an Islamic run state in the past- we ousted out Mubarak and now it looks like they will become one.

Why is this bad?

Let’s see- gay folk- yeah- we catch you in the act- we kill you.

Women- caught cheating- we stone you.

Christians- if we think you blasphemed Allah [like witnessing for Jesus] your dead too.

Should I go on?

Yet the president and many in the western media hail the recent elections as a great victory for Democracy- after all it is a real vote.

I wonder how many of these same reporters would think the same if some Western nation elected a bunch of radical Christian fundamentalists who wanted to kill gays and women.

We see the double standard- and it’s huge.

And let’s end with politics.

Yes- the lines are drawn and Obama has made it clear that his strategy to go after Bain capital is going to be their campaign.

Okay- Bain capital is the financial firm that Romney ran.

This firm used PRIVATE MONEY to go into hurting companies and provide cash.

In some cases- not all- they had to downsize.

They laid off workers- cut back- and even closed some businesses down.

In other cases they saved the company- and the businesses went on to become great successes [Staples- the office supply chain is one example].

So- the President is criticizing Bain because in some cases they lost jobs.

Let’s look at his record for a moment.

One of the things that Obama likes to do is invest PUBLIC TAX MONEY into private business- businesses that have direct ties to him and his friends.

Yes- he sunk tons of money into Solyndra [a solar energy company].

This company- now famous for having gone under [yikes- you mean you invested money into a private company- TAX MONEY- and it shut down- sounds like Bain to me].

And when the company was on the verge of going under- it was right before the midterm elections- the president changed the govt. loan- against the law- and made it favor one of his top money guys.

Yes- this is fact- it all came out- in the news- on a bunch of Fridays no less.

The loans that the govt. makes to these private companies has a law that says ‘if the company ever goes bust- the taxpayers get paid back first- before any private investors’.

Got it?

The law puts the tax payer over the ‘private equity money’ that is- Bain money.

Okay- the law protects you and me- and it makes the Bain’s of the world get paid last.

So what did the Pres do?

His campaign guy- who had invested money into the company- told the Pres ‘look- I will put more money into Solyndra- to keep them afloat before the election- but if they go bust- I want my money back first- before the taxpayer’.

Now- this is against the law that governs these loans.

So- after all this came to light- an email/memo came out that said ‘it looks like your wanting to change the law to benefit your friend might be illegal’. This was an internal memo from Obama’s people.


Yeah- Obama’s own people wrote this.

They advised ‘you need to get the approval of the justice dept. before you change this loan’.

He never did.

He changed the loan- his top campaign guy got his money first- and you and I got the short end of the deal.

Now- after all this- the presidents main campaign message is ‘look at Romney- he has a past of using private money to bail out companies- his dealings with private money are bad’.

You think with a history like Solyndra the last thing you would want to bring up is private money deals versus the U.S. taxpayer.

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