Thursday, March 15, 2012


Have you heard the good news?

Yes- the world community has just added another nation to the pot.

It’s this wonderful coastal state that sits right off of the Mediterranean [club med?].

You know- the northern part of Africa- on the border with that other famous tourist spot- Egypt.

Yes folks- last week the eastern half of Libya broke away from its capital [Tripoli] and launched their own state.

The new ‘leaders’ of Libya- they said it was an Arab conspiracy to destroy the nation.

Why are the new leaders- the guys we installed- crying?

Let’s see- the eastern half of the Arab nation has all the oil- oh- so what we did in Libya- the military action that is regularly touted as the new successful model- it split the nation in half and will probably send them into a long term civil war.

In the last post or 2 I also mentioned how the new leaders are guilty of war crimes and are continuing to oppress the part of the population that supported Gadhaffi.

Yes- the new nation is called Barqa- and I bet this is the first time you heard the ‘good news’.

Why is this stuff important John?

Because what we did- did not work out well at all.

Yet the media- and the supporters of the president- continue to talk about our action [with NATO] as a great success.

As far as I can tell- it’s turning into a mess.


Yes- after all the blood spilled- both American and Iraqi- how are things working out?

The leader- Malaki- he has charges against the vice president [of another sect] and he’s trying to try the guy on terrorist charges- he’s hiding out in the north- the Kurdish region.

It looks like Iraq will also divide into 2 or 3 territories.

The leader- Malaki- is a supporter of Iran- and is even supporting the Syrian dictator- the one we are trying to get out- yes- the guy we backed in Iraq is supporting Iran and Syria- and not us.

Last but not least- Afghanistan.

Yes- we had the tragic incident of one of our guys leaving the base and killing 16 innocent civilians in cold blood- many of them women and children.


We have had Afghans protesting in the streets- images of Obama being lynched [did you see it? I did].

After all this time- trying to pretend that the Afghans see us as their liberators- they see us as occupiers- and we are their oppressors.

The Taliban put out a statement after the killing of the civilians- it said that if the U.S. military blames this on a mentally unstable person [he was a staff sergeant who had suffered a previous bran injury].

They said then it shows you that the U.S. is so bankrupt- that they are putting guns in the hands of their mentally unstable soldiers and sending them to our country.

Don’t tell me these Taliban are not smart.

Yes- after all this time- all the blood and money and time- it seems like all the nations we have been involved with militarily- well they are either worse off- or just as bad- as before we got involved.

Isaiah chapter 2 says at the end of time the Lords kingdom will prevail over all kingdoms- men will take their military weapons and turn them into instruments of peace [swords into Plowshares ring a bell?]

Yes- the ultimate goal is ‘war no more’ [this is also in the chapter- learn WAR NO MORE].

I’m not a pacifist- I believe we have the right to defend ourselves with force if need be.

But we must use it as a last resort- we must see that force- military action rarely wins the hearts and minds of people.

And for a Western ‘Christian’ nation to go into the heart of the Arab world- even with good intentions- and to think that our killing of other Arabs/Muslims can with the hearts and minds of the people- then we are on a fool’s errand.

Yes- maybe well intended- maybe justified in the sense that we had the right to strike back- but the overall strategy is failing- terribly.

Oh well- maybe if we all take a vacation things will look better when we get back- how bout we all go to the sandy shores of Barqa- I hear the Margaritas are great.

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