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Let’s start with an article I read this week on the last days of Bin Laden.

Now- I must admit when I got about halfway thru I could not stop laughing.

I sit in the yard during the day when reading- and yes- I was outside- laughing loud.

The story covered how during the last few months of Bin laden on the lamb- that his oldest wife ‘showed up’ one day at the compound.

Yes- the article repeats this- she ‘showed up’.

It made it sound like they did not want her to know where he was living.

Understand- his 3 story compound- which we have all seen on the news- was considered the world’s most top secret hiding spot- hidden right by the Pakistani military academy- to protect it from the U.S.- and we spent years trying to track him down.

Even on the day of the famous seal team 6 raid- we still did not know for sure that he was there.

Yet- this oldest wife- well- she ‘showed up’ one day [just a warning to all you players out there].

Now- the story goes that everyone in the compound [28 people in total] were all afraid that she was going to rat them out.

Bin Laden lived on the 3rd floor with his youngest wife- from Yemen.

And he had another wife living with them on the 3rd floor- she slept in the computer room.

But the oldest wife- the one who just ‘showed up’ she stayed on the 2nd floor- right below Bin laden.

Now- one of the sons of the other wives kept asking her ‘what are you doing here?’- And she finally said- I’m quoting from the article now ‘I HAVE ONE LAST DUTY TO PERFORM FOR MY HUSBAND’.

The son immediately ran to the 3rd floor to inform the world’s most feared terrorist- the man who masterminded the worst terrorist attack to ever hit our shores- 3,ooo dead.

The son tells him the ominous tone of the woman’s voice.

It is said that Bin Laden simply replied ‘the will of Allah be done’ [okay- I hedged some- the article states he simply felt fate would take over].

Fate taking over- Allah’s will be done- come on man- do something about it.

Now- as a Christian blogger I usually don’t advocate for murdering a disgruntled spouse- but I just saw this past week how some American took his wife ‘deep sea diving’ and was charged with killing her- they think he turned off the air valve.

Okay- rank amateur- American born- you would think Bin Laden could have done more than say ‘the will of Allah be done’.

Okay- the famous night of the raid- he’s living on the 3rd floor- a compound within a compound- everyone in the home fears for their lives- not from the U.S. - but from the oldest wife.

Then all of a sudden- you hear a commotion- guns going off- we have all seen the depiction of Bin Laden standing by the bed- reaching for a gun- when the door breaks and seal team 6 arrives to save the day.

Yes- the cartoon depiction [we have no real video] left one thing out- Bin Laden probably said ‘Oh thank Allah- it’s just you guys’.

I will end the Bin Laden saga with one last quote- the article states that after Bin laden's death- the Pakistani intelligence people- who just happen to have actual Taliban and terrorist within their ranks- when they interrogated the older wife- they said- quote ‘She is so aggressive- she borders on being intimidating’.

They basically were afraid of being in the room with the woman- now we know why we have all the videos of Bin Laden sitting in his room- looking at that TV screen- isolated- alone.

The reports were he was sick- and some questioned his mental health.

Yes- it looks like seal team 6 did save the day- for the U.S. - and Bin Laden.

Okay- wasted too much time on that one- and too risky.

You say ‘John- you do have readers in some of these countries in the Arab world- should you so freely be joking like this?’

To which I have one reply ‘who’s John’?

Okay- like I said in the last post or 2- the backlash of the Rush ‘slut’ comment- which caused him to lose advertisers- has provoked a response from the right- they have now gone and found the statements of Bill Maher- and have made a short UTUBE clip about them.

I don’t want to repeat the ones from the previous post- but be warned- these get bad- real bad.

Maher referred to Palin getting the job at fox ‘Palin is now going to comment on fox- her night job is like her day job- talking to Down Syndrome people all day’.

Note- Down Syndrome is a serious problem- one of the stigmas of it is many people used to confuse it with other more serious mental retardation issues.

How anyone can say this on national TV- and at the same time be a major supporter of the president- it’s beyond me.

Okay- he also refers to Palin- as ‘that C-U-N- and then a T’ [I mean- it’s so bad I have to find ways to say it- without ‘saying it’.]

As the week progressed- and the comments came out- some on the right are simply saying ‘this guy is a major funder of Obama’s PAC- he has made all the rounds on TV- he even called Plain a MILF [mothers I’d like to f—k] on CNN- and the news media are not asking Obama or his supporters if he should apologize’.

Yes- Obama needs to give the blood money back- disconnect from this idiot- and part ways.

But wait- as I was listening to right wing radio- Hannity- they had some Democrat woman on- who said these comments were acceptable- because they were made in a political environment- and were not a personal attack against all women.

Calling her the C word- bringing her sons sickness into it- acceptable? Unbelievable.

And last but not least- the videos and connections Obama has had with radical left wing Black activists.

A video came out that showed Obama supporting/introducing a Black racist.

The video simply showed Obama at Harvard introducing Derrick Bell- a radical racist activist who is anti White and Anti Semitic.

Now- Obama did not just do a onetime introduction- when Obama taught at the University of Chicago- he had this man’s books as required reading for a law class he taught.

Bell advocates for ‘radical race theory’- an idea that says the ‘JEWS’ conspired with the Whites in order to keep the Black man down- and that the only solution is to ‘abolish the White race as a social category ‘[actual quote].

Okay- a few years ago I remember when Trent Lott- the leader of the Repubs in the senate- he made a silly/stupid comment at a birthday party for Strom Thurmond.

When Strom was younger- he did run as a presidential contender in the south- and the Repubs and the Dems have a history of racism in the south- actually the Dem’s have a more racist history in the south [Dixiecrats].

So Lott says ‘things would have been a whole lot better if you won’

Okay- the media and the Dems went nuts- were you saying you wished that the south ‘won’ and the racists took over?

He simply apologized and said it was a stupid statement he gave at a party- he shouldn’t have done it.

Now- Lot lost his spot as the top leader over this.

Yet Obama has endorsed- spoken kindly about- and even recommends the books of a man who hates Jews- wants to ‘abolish the White race as a social category’- and has said these things openly before the whole world.

‘Well John- you don’t believe Obama believes this- do you’?

I have no idea- the point is he does have all these bad connections with people- things the media ignores- and at the same time he calls for a more civil discourse- on the right side of the aisle.

Okay- will end with one last quote- this came up on the Opie and Anthony show- the guy was some type of Democrat ‘entertainer’- he referred to Sarah Palin’s son- who has Down Syndrome ‘that retarded piece of &^%$ that came out of her C---T’.

Yes folks- you heard it- this same man was scheduled to speak/entertain at a Dem fundraiser later in the year.

I have not heard one prominent Democrat rebuke these comments- the things Maher has said- on video- not one Democrat has come out with the same ‘righteous outrage’ that they felt when a Republican called a lady- a Slut.

If we want civil discourse Mr. Obama- then let it start with your supporters- because it seems like they never heard the phrase.

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