Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yesterday I caught the 15th Repub debate [too many!] and you had the questioners and pres. hopefuls try their best.

Juan Williams [the Black Fox news guy] did ask a question that has come up before on a reference Newt uses ‘Obama is the food stamp pres.’

Now- when this first came out- Newt and others defended the phrase- they said that more people have been put on food stamps under Obama than any other pres.

The other view said that Newt is playing to the racist crowd- in an underhanded way- and the term is really a race thing.

Okay- what do I think? I have no idea- nor does anybody else. So instead of insisting it’s a racist thing- just let the people judge.

Those in the Black community will be voting over 90% for Obama- is this just because he is Black?

Some say ‘no- we vote Dem historically’ okay- but in politics- if you had 97 % of Whites refusing to vote for a Black man- well you would call that racist.

This past Friday the S and P downgraded 9 European countries debt. France, Italy- Spain- a few more.

Now- this was no surprise- but some were hoping it would not come so soon.

Then why did it happen?

The ratings agency said the actions the Euro Zone countries are taking are simply not sufficient enough to deal with the problem.

The numbers also came out on our trade deficit- they showed that our sales to Europe went down a lot- more than expected. So the growing Euro recession is indeed going to have an effect on the U.S. economy.

One of the nations that got downgraded was France. France and Germany are the 2 biggest contributors to the bailout fund for the other nations.

Frances downgrade will make it more expensive for them to borrow- and will put pressure on the bailout fund. Germany was not downgraded.

As I watch the news- survey the scene for this coming year- I see a lot of denial- in politics- economics- etc.

I see both sides of the aisle justifying their skewed views in order to promote- or attack- the side they don’t like.

I saw a clip of some sick guy in a wheel chair- weighed about 80 pounds- he’s wheeled up to Romney. He's asking him a question at some campaign rally.

You can barely hear the guy- he’s sick and weak and frail. The question ‘do you really want to put me in jail because I need to smoke weed to live’.

After a few more times repeating the question- Romney catches on.

He does tell the man- in a nice way- that he does not support medical marijuana.

So as Romney walks away- his liberal buddy shouts ‘are you going to walk away from a man who’s in a wheel chair and ignore his plight’!

Yea- you tell him Mr. righteous.

Romney says he didn’t ignore him- he answered him.

Then you had the little girl ask Bachman why she did not want her 2 mommies to love each other.

And the other night- one of the major news networks was covering the gay marriage issue- they showed 2 of the sweetest grandmas- you know- they were in love.

I mean these nice ladies looked like they were about to make homemade candy apples for the trick or treaters.

They were the example they found to show us how evil Santorum and all the other ‘anti gay marriage’ folk are.

What’s wrong with all this? These lopsided ways to showcase a story- to start with either the worst/best example of a thing [the anti gay groups also show the gay parade marchers- in drag- when they discuss the subject] this is pitting one side against another- and it does not help the conversation.

About 6 months ago I was watching MSNBC and I heard Matthews talking about the pres campaign. He said it is possible that if Romney gets nominated and some on the right [Evangelicals] don’t support him because he belongs to this ‘weird’ religion- that he might be a flawed candidate.

He then went on and said that Romney’s name is not Mitt- its Willard.

I guess its true- I really don’t care to check.

Then as the weeks went by- he kept talking about Romany as Willard- he pushed on his Mormon faith- and last night I heard him say ‘watch this response Romney gives- I mean- he’s just weird- that’s the only way to describe him’.

Ah- he waited all these months- thinking he’s secretly sending the White House messages- and if they don’t pick them up- darn- Mathews will carry the load himself.

Mathews was incensed when people used the middle name of the president- his description of ‘Willard’ and his religion as ‘weird’ would never fly if you were talking about a Muslim.

As the year progresses- I think we would all do well to try and focus on the actual positions people have- don’t read too much into the paranoid scenarios- from the right or the left.

I will end with one more example. Bob Herbert- N.Y. Time’s columnist. During the Obama campaign tried to ‘expose’ the secret racist messages that were tied into the opposing commercials [run by Bill and Hillary].

In one commercial they showed you a picture of the Washington Monument- and a few other historic sites.

Herbert went on to say that the showing of ‘this structure’ [it’s a tall structure- ‘sticking out’ into the empty sky].

Herbert said that the subliminal message was ‘watch out for the Black man- Obama- because he- like all Blacks- has one thing on his mind’.

Of course you see what he thinks the showing of the structure meant.

So as we navigate the year- thru the Willard’s and the dying wheel chair pot smokers- let’s hear both sides and try and simply choose our candidate based on these things- not on his color- or his religious views- or on any other of a number of accusations made by the opposing side.

We just celebrated Martin Luther King day- he was a great man who taught non violent protests- who said we should judge people on the content of their character and not the color of their skin- I couldn’t agree more.


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