Wednesday, May 03, 2017

METH- MANIACS- MURDERERS- [Welcome to Flour Bluff]

Dirk Kiesler gets away with attempted murder- 
.Timons ministries
.Medical miracle Tennessee survived
.Dirk says he fell on his knife- twice!
.Sit around the camp fire?
.Drink a little anti freeze?
.Dirks lawyer

.Dirk had her son taken away
.all she has left is 2 doll babies- she sleeps with
.Dirks many anonymous calls
.Jail House confession [Dirk tried to slip notes to me- from the jail cell]

.Dirk followed me and Austin- then watched us with binoculars!
.He should be grateful that he got off Scott free- for attempted murder
.Dirk likes to report people- anonymously

.Dealers cut off Dirk Kiesler from buying Meth
.Work Hater
.Albert’s bike
.Winter Texan?
.From Sturgis- Michigan
.Medical miracle

.He tried to bite her tongue off
.Dirk dumped Sarah- naked- in parking lot
.He stalked her to other cities
.She tried to get away
.Flour Bluff

Topping on the cake- 
.Son in law just got robbed- as I was ending the day
.Why Flour Bluff?
.Why did Houston crime gang decide to come to Corpus?
.Water Park debacle

Today you get a small glimpse of the underground- The things that go on behind the scenes if you will.

Many of the friends I have helped over the years- are not like the one I spoke about today.

But Dirk is a unique case.

I gave the brief history of my experiences with Dirk.
 If you watch the videos- you will see why he is unique.

I do consider Dirk a danger- being on the streets of Flour Bluff.
The guys have told me Dirk has tried to poison them with anti- freeze.

After he stabbed Tennessee -twice in the chest [and cut his aorta- it was a miracle he survived]- it has been reported that he tried to actually kill the other witnesses by setting fires to their camps.

Dirk also has a history of stalking- including me! [you’ll have to watch the videos]

The reason Dirk got away with attempted murder- was simply because he intimidated the witnesses- and victim.

The victim had to flee the state.

Now- with a history like this- where even the local Meth dealers stopped selling to Dirk- yet- every night he parks somewhere in the area- sleeping in his truck [with the canoe on top].

So yes- those who are looking to invest in Flour Bluff- just be careful for the meth heads- maniacs and murderers-  you might run into them in the Wal Mart parking lot- or parked under the over- pass.

Or at Timons Ministries!

Yes- here in Corpus Christi- it’s just another way of life.

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