Monday, March 27, 2017

3-27-17 Corpus Christi Police [brief history]  Hear my words that I might teach you
.The effect
.Eric Garner
.Chris Rock
.Henry  Parable continues
.A gang
.How are they financed?
.Did cop just pull up to me?
.what is targeting?
.7 cop cars- 2 cop motorcycles  [code 2]
.Cop gets restraining order
.Cop makes threat- and carries it out
.Can firefighters be arsonists too?
.Cop makes regular threats- ‘that’s the way they do it John’ [Christian lady told me this]
.These are the few I know about- maybe 1 percent
.Chief Markle
.Put the cop- and his victims- on the stand
.Scene of the crime [again]
.They don’t even follow ‘street law’
.Crimes committed against the homeless
.We need a civil rights investigation in C.C.- abuse of the homeless
.Fight club?
.History of violence
.Chinese restaurant
.Who’s ‘packing heat’?
.SPID and Waldron- shot fired

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