Friday, March 24, 2017

  To be honest- I’m too busy teaching other stuff- then to spend time on these ‘types’ of videos.
But I thought it was important to give an update on Corpus Christ- and some of the local issues dealing with my ‘street friends’.
Being I did make the videos- I also mentioned the Toomey case.
It happened a few years ago- he shot and killed 2 people in the trailer park where my daughter now lives.
My friend George also lived there at the time.
The case made notoriety because 2 CCPD officers quit/ were fired because they beat Toomey up pretty severely.
Ok- he did shoot and kill 2 people.
But last week I read a story in the Caller Times- the city settled for around 30 thousand with the family of Toomey.
I couldn’t figure why.
It came out that Toomey called the cops 5 times that day- and CCPD told him if he called one more time- they would arrest him.
Toomey then took the law into his own hands and shot and killed 2 people.
The son said they have questions over what really happened that day.
Was Toomey beat up by CCPD because they were mad he kept asking for assistance?
And when they had to finally respond- because of the shooting- did that play a role in his beating?
Toomey hung himself that night in the jail.
So- I brought that up on the 2nd video.
I did tape the 2nd one at the Police Station- but did not get to speak with a cop- you’ll wee why if you watch the video.
[It’s windy- the dispatch- who I had on the phone- told me no cops were there- and if I wanted to speak to a supervisor [chief] I would have to wait till Monday]

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