Thursday, January 26, 2017

THEY DID IT AGAIN!  They did it again!
Today I wasn’t going to deal with local corruption in Corpus Christi- Instead I drove to San Antonio and did a video on Acts 3.
Then I got home and read the paper.
Judge Guy Williams dismissed a case- because the DETECTIVE- with the prosecutor’s office- was going to plead the 5th.
Yes- not the defendant- the actual so called ‘law enforcement’.
So- the judge dropped the case.
Where in the USA do you have so called law enforcement- pleading the 5th in a criminal case- and they are not on trial?
So I made the video- talked about many other cases- things I said before.
To be honest- the corruption in this county is so bad- I don’t think they will ever fix it.
.Chief Markle
.The death of Judge Tom Greenwell
.A Catholic lady who the CCPD shot
.Detectives pleading the 5th- to cover their own criminal acts
.Will Jessica Savage investigate Nelda Martinez?
.And much more-

In the words of former mayor McQueen ‘God bless Corpus Christi’!

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