Monday, November 07, 2016

CCPD-  CCPD and the illegal use of criminal trespass- Allen- Gabriel- local judge rebukes cop in court for writing on the report ‘Arrested because he smelled like shit’.  Understand- these men were put in jail for 3 days minimum- on a ‘charge’ like this.  Corpus Christi [Nueces county] ranked # 2- nationally- most corrupt in U.S.A. [this is a national ranking by law enforcement]. Dade County Fla.# 1.  Chief Markle tells resident that it is legal to trespass [enter the private- gated- property] of another- unless you have a sign purchased by the city that says ‘no trespassing’. The resident actually had a no trespassing sign on the property- but Markle said that was not valid. Yet- the ccpd has a long history of arresting citizens- for ‘criminal trespass’ when they are in public. The person who did the trespassing in the above incident was a girlfriend of a ccpd officer who Markle rented his house out too. The chief obviously allowed this woman to trespass- because she was the girlfriend of a fellow officer. My friend will swear to this- under oath. He is neighbors with chief Markle. And requested to press charges- Markle refused to charge the woman. This was before he was promoted to chief. Also the reported collusion of CCPD with the local drug trade- and their efforts to cover it up.

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