Monday, June 06, 2016

Ready to ‘hit the roof’. Trying to update wordpress site [which I pay for!]. and it deleted all my links [2 years work?] on the phone now- on hold for 20 mins at a time- then message says ‘goodbye’.
Its sad I pay for the site- for now- use my main blog- corpus Christi outreach ministries.
I’m pissed because they purposefully made a ‘fake’ hit counter- so when you attentp to add it- it never works [that’s on your own admin- I googled it- it never worked for anyone]
Why do they have it?
Ahh- after you sepdn 2 days on it- you realize you must upgrade if you want that function [manipulation].
But I don’t have 2 days to get manipulated- so

I lost a lot of work- trying to add a hit counter- I’m ready to delete that blog- I pay about 200 a year- the better site- blogger- is free- so is youtube- google plus- twiiter- etc.

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