Friday, June 17, 2016

Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be.  Rom. 4:18


I teach some of the content on Today’s video.

.The Muslim who was walking around the fire house- after 911
.Mass shooting
.Sharia law
.Hillary’s money
.She takes it from countries who execute gay people- even now!
.Media blamed it on a CHRISTIAN PREACHER [no joke]
.I spoke with the Muslim who came to the fire house- how did it go?
.Gay victim of mass shooting rebukes liberal media
.Clinton foundation
.After the incident- we got a FBI warning to be on the lookout for radicals who want to steal firetrucks [no joke]
.Top porn producers of the world
.I gave him a Persian bible
.He did 20 years in prison- but almost did a meeting
.Oh- to all you guys who want to know if I was joking about being a narc- I hope this video resolves it?

What I saw on the news after the mass shooting of 50 gay men- who were killed.
1 ‘What could cause such anger towards gay people’?
2 They showed a video of a CHRISTIAN PREACHER- preaching against same sex- sex.
3 That was their conclusion.
The radical Muslim who murdered the gay men- was MUSLIM.
Meaning- he would NEVER be influenced by any Christian preacher- because he also believes [when radicalized] that Christians must die too.
NEXT- After the worst mass killing in our nation’s history [from a gun] the victims were gay.
In the history of our nation- there has been only ONE candidate for president- who illegally took many millions of dollars from actual people- who actually execute gay people- even right now.
Yes- Hillary Clinton – in the history of our nation- is the largest recipient of actual cash from Saudi Arabia- Qatar- and many other Islamic nations- who actually- now- execute homosexuals- simply because they are gay- that’s the crime.
So- you would think this question would be asked by the media- because- not like the Christian preacher mentioned above- who did not advocate the killing of gay men.
The donors to Hillary Clinton’s fund- actually execute them- right now!
The many millions she has received from these murderers of gay people- was found to be illegal- because she was secretary of state at the time.
The media did do one good job- they investigated the many millions that the Clinton foundation received- as a NON PROFIT- AND ONLY ABOUT 1 PERCENT OF THE MONEY WAS ACCOUNTED FOR.
And this whole debacle- mentioned above- is not even noticed by the main stream media.
As Secretary of state- she could have put pressure on these nations who execute gay people- and treat women, like dogs.
But she was an illegal recipient of millions from them- do you think that might have affected her decision to not take them to task?
And the media never even mentions it.

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