Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I was out today- and as I checked the news sites on my phone- I saw
CCPD- ‘Corpus Christi is NOT [YES- Caps] the 2nd most criminal city’.
I believe the officer’s name was Hooper.
It seemed like a direct response TO ME.
Because the article I posted has been around for a long time- and I recently used it on a number of posts.
So- I thought I would re-read it- and respond.
I don’t see it now- maybe they realized it didn’t look good- the way they responded.
I wanted to critique it- because it seemed he was wrong- talking about crime stats themselves- even though the article was speaking about corruption.
Either way- it was the top story [about 10 minutes ago] on one of the local news sites [I think KRIS] AND NOW I CAN’T FIND IT.
I thought it unprofessional the way he said ‘C.C. is NOT’.
Using caps.
So- I felt it needed a response- and if I find the article again- I’ll try and go thru it.


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