Thursday, May 12, 2016

1  [leaving Tx.]
3  [Stairway to heaven]
4 [Time of your life]
5 [rest stop- VA]
7 [got lost at the end]

On the teaching video here are some points-
. Anabaptists
.Life’s a journey

I made these videos in Texas. Then didn’t have time to write the usual teaching. So I stuck them together and did the best I could.
ON VIDEO’S- note- I mentioned on the video the philosopher who ‘doubted everything’. I wasn’t sure if I got it right. I said ‘maybe Blaise Pascal’- but it was Renee Descartes.
.Kill Muslims?
.Bruce Jenner- 2nd thoughts?
.Little people
.He eats with sinners
.Islam and Christianity
.Abrahams kids
.Ishmael too!
God and Allah
.Chaz Bono
.End times war?
.In defense of cops
.Hung jury

.Columbus- Aztecs- Conquistadores 

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