Thursday, June 27, 2013

2022  LAURA

I got a text yesterday- it read ‘Laura was deadwdrunk- got run over’.

I texted David back ‘I’ll be praying for her’.

I thought he meant she was ‘dead drunk’ and was hit by a car.

Later I realized he said ‘she was run over- while drunk- and killed’.

I wrote about Laura a couple of months ago.

She was dating my friend David- and was really into the New Age stuff- crystals- the whole 9 yards.

I must have talked with her for about 8 hours- in 2 days.

She was very intelligent- and I have studied lots of world history and Apologetics [Greek thought- etc].

So- in a way- I was able to present the Christian faith as the final answer- that at the end of the day- it wins the argument among various World Views- Jesus is really the answer.

When I met Laura- she reminded me of my sister- Laura.

After all I’ll be moving to N.J. in about 10 days- and my sister Laura was one of the first people I ‘led’ to the Lord.

She has struggled with drug addiction her whole life- but has also been an open Christian- she learned and grew a lot over the years.

When I got up this morning- I felt like I should write about Laura- the girl who was run over.

But- I wanted to not post anymore in Texas- I’m tired of it all- and wanted to ‘go away’ for a long time- maybe for good?

My phone just rang- it never rings this early- I never have it on this early!

It was Patrick- from New Jersey.

I knew something was up- he told me to call back [he left a message].

My sister Laura just passed away.

I told him to tell my mom I wont make the funeral- because I already have the plane ticket for the following week.

Yeah- I felt like my friends girlfriend was a sign in a way- I guess so.

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